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Mid90s Review: The Skateboard Movie is Making an Impact

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Mid90s is an incredible American movie that came out the last year, directed by Jonah Hill. The film relates to the story of a teenager called Stevie (Sunny Suljic) who lives in Los Angeles and meets a hard gang of skateboarders. Stevie lives with his single mother and older brother, but family issues and his teenager insecurities brings him into troubles.

The Skateboarding Culture

mid90s movie review film about skateboarding

The film provides a really good overview of the skateboarding culture in the 90’s U.S. Exposing the skateboarder's life portrayed at skate parks, the streets, showing the mutual support and commeraderie inside the gangs, and even the style of clothing they wore. For instance, we can see how Stevie spends his time learning new tricks with his skate shop owner friends, and enjoying filming themselves as they ride.

The movie shows us the common slang of the LA skaters, their favorite hobbies besides skateboarding, the music they felt represent them and the whole lifestyle of being a skater in that time and place.

Up until now you might be thinking that this is just another common skateboarding movie, but the truth is that it has a brilliant plot and will make you laugh and keep you plastered to the screen throughout the whole movie.






The Soul of Skateboarding and of SHIT®

MID90s is an epic movie portraying the lives of teenage skateboarders in the 90s. Watch the trailer now!

As with any typical real life story, the lives of Stevie and his friends is not perfect at all. Stevie has continuous issues with his abusive brother and his neglecting mother, but he found refuge in skateboarding. Unfortunately, as it has happened to many great skateboarders Stevie and his friends lose control of the situation and the hall of fame life gets confusing.

The passion for skateboarding will save Stevie and his teenage friends lives and work as a pathway to a better life. Mid90s is an amazing movie that reminds us here at our office of the essence of SHIT® and of skateboarding; that when everything turns to crap you can always keep getting up, push through and make SHIT® happen.



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