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Meet Brighton Zeuner: Youngest X Games Skateboarding Gold Medalist

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Brighton Zeuner lives like a common teenage but skateboarding is a huge part of her identity. Despite the pressure she experience on a skateboard she says it feels like she is in a performance. Skateboarding lets her feel free, it allows her to express herself. Brighton's passion is what make her a female inspiration to people all around the world.


Family as a Skateboarding Inspiration

Brighton's passion for skateboarding was inspired by her brother and father and it became part of her life. Her first skateboard was made of her brother's old board with some wheels and trucks that her mother put on it.

At 8 years old Brighton started practicing and with perseverance and effort until she was 11 she entered her first competition Vans Park Series World Championships. At age of only 13 she became the youngest X Games female winner in history.


A Young, Female Skateboarding Sensation

Despite her young age she has solid plans for her future, saving money to make her dream of having an apartment in New York come true and using the skateboarding as a platform to become a fashion designer.

For sure there's a lot that this teenage girl has to teach us, not only about how she views skateboarding as a source of freedom, but also how she shows humility in the achievement of her goals. She teach us that good SHIT will happen indeed as long as you stick to your goals and keep moving forward.

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