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Mark Appleyard: The Canadian Moonshot

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


You know you owe so much to something at a distinctive phase in your life when you get a tattoo to remind you that the past was real. For Mark Appleyard, one of the most well renowned and talented Canadian pro skaters happened. He tattooed in his leg the name of the skatepark that watched him grow as a skateboarder in Hamilton, Ontario: Beasley’s Bowl. The power of memories over someone who lives day by day grateful for the life he has chosen bends the will, not as an outsider’s negative influence but as a set of beliefs to seize the future in the present’s hands. Appleyard was 10 years old when he first skateboarded the Beasley’s Bowl, and yet he revives that childhood memories every time he makes a choice.

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

In 2003, Mark Appleyard was chosen as Skater Of The Year by Thrasher. He started the new millennium with a clear goal in mind: be the very best. In the 90’s he made a journey across US looking for patronage and sponsorship, from East Coast to West Coast. He was ambitious; and in just one week, still very young to take care of himself, he arrived at Tampa for a skateboarding contest (Tampa AM) where he had three interviews in the shortest spam of time in history with three of the most successful skateboarding companies to date: Birdhouse, Adio and Thunder.

His best known to this day however for his flicks and videos for Flip team, specially the infamous three parts Sorry Anthology: Sorry, Really Sorry and Extremely Sorry, which were the pinnacle of his career where he shredded like no other Canadian skateboarder had done before. He arrived at Flip after he left Habit, where he was featured in the video Photosynthesis, which catch the attention of Transworld Skateboarding magazine that later proclaimed him one of the most influential skateboarders of the decade (2000 – 2010).






But even so, if you are doing it well and beyond that, you would want something more, because you know you were meant for even bigger things. Appleyard surprised everyone when he said he would departure from Flip to join Element. This was a heated debate among the community, where those who did not backed up Appleyard on it claimed that he did it solely for money. He never meant for that; money was never the objective, as he did with Habit, Birdhouse and Flip, he took choices that he thought that would help him to grow as a pro skater; he wanted to be with the very best and no one could stop him.

To this day he makes videos and special appearances in skateboarding companies’ videos. He is one of the lead figures in Element and right now is one of the most respected skateboarders among his peers. He is seen usually with The Berrics and he’s always in for a display and to give tips on a healthy diet and physical workout. The decision you make on your lifetime will always back you up, even if they don’t seem like the right ones at the moment they were made; that’s up for your future you to decide, just as Appleyard does whenever he remembers that bowl in Hamilton.




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