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Madrid Urban Sports Virtual: Finals

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


As we saw last week, the Madrid Urban Sports competition had a “deluxe rack” of contestants ready to execute their best tricks in front of their virtual audience, doing their best to impress the fans and the judges. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what happened.

The jury consisted of Anthony Claravall, Danny Wainwright, Jesus Fernandez, Vanessa Torres, and Alex Braza, who were ready to express their expert opinions regarding the skaters’ performances. For the final round, the hosts Mathile Delorme and Kelly Hart were accompanied by Vanessa Torres, Colin McKay, and Anthony Claravall who gave a professional analysis of the skater’s skills and tricks.


The Women’s Finals

Keet Oldenbeuving, Candy Jacobs, Marina Gabriela, and Andrea Benítez were defeated by their opponents in the quarter-final. The finals were between Rayssa Leal vs. Nanaka Fujisawa as well as Gabriela Mazetto vs. Margielyn Didal. In both cases, the ladies needed to grind a ledge in the best way possible to awe the judges and move onto the final stage.

In the first battle (where judge Torres was discussing the reason behind her votes) Fujisawa landed a Smith kickflip that left Leal with no other option than to nose-grind and switch. Both tricks were super clean but the jury decided unanimously that the Japanese skater was the overall best. On the other hand, the second clash showed Mazetto and Didal both with a high technical level, and this time the decision wasn’t that simple. Didal’s backside nose-grind 180 was applauded by the judges and, even though Mazetto added great speed to her trick and selected a very gnarly skate spot, three of the members from the jury declared the victory for Didal.

Fujisawa and Didal were going head to head in a rail slide through, to prove their worthiness to the judges. Third place was still up for grabs and this would either goto Leal or Mazetto. The bronze medal, in this case, was given to Mazetto for her solid FS boardslide.

And finally, to complete the women’s finals, Fujisawa was awarded 1st place, thanks to her FS feeble that was more powerful than Didal’s 5.0. The length of Fujisawa’s grind and the multiple cameras that recorded her trick allowed us all to see her performance from beginning to end. It was amazing!






The Men’s Finals

Let’s remember that Kelvin Hoefler, Lucas Rabelo, Aurelien Giraud, and Chris Joslin were the skaters that made it to this last stage by beating Jamie Foy, Angelo Caro, TJ Rogers, and Andrew Verde respectively in the first round. To pass the semi-finals, the contestants had to send a line with their best tricks. The first clash was between Hoefler and Rabelo, while the second one was between Giraud and Joslin.

Hoefler and Rabelo had very different approaches to their lineup. Rabelo did a mix between ground tricks and a rail grind and Hoefler did “more surprising” stuff like a half-cab heel to slide BS tail. The judges clearly like his style. No wonder, the winner for this leg was Hoefler. Then, for the second battle, the most appealing filming was the aspect that gave more weight to the judges’ decision. Giraud tray flip wasn’t showing enough of his talent compared to Joslin’s rail-grind highlighted with a powerful fish-eye lens. That meant that the final winner was going to be between Hoefler and Joslin, while the bronze medal was going to either Rabelo or Giraud.

In the end, the 3rd place was taken by Rabelo, who performed a beautifully crafted 180 boardslide that shocked the audience. Giraud’s nose grind didn’t show off his usual talent. The winner was difficult to choose due to the similarities found in their tricks: Joslin’s Hubba granted him Claravall’s vote because, according to his experience, the filming of the stunt made the trick look gnarlier. However, Hoefler tool first place thanks to the cleanliness of his slide.

We had a lot of fun watching this virtual contest and we’d like to send a huge shoutout to all the skaters that took part in this competition, the organizers, who did an amazing job putting all of this together and, last but not least, to our readers that followed this event through our eyes, so to speak. We hope to keep on covering these types of events in the future so that you never miss out on anything.

Peace Out!

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