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Lucho Barraza Hunts Skatespots From Argentina To Europe

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


No sponsors, no money, just balls! This is how Barraza decided to take on one of the most exciting adventures of his life, going through Europe finding new spots to skate, meeting new people and having a blast, all with very few resources and no return date. 

Tattooing and Skating Through Life 

He works and saves money through the year to take some time off and visit some of the most amazing and underground skating spots in Europe. He has been tattooing for the past 15 years, leaving customers behind each city he visits to make sure they get in contact with him once he returns. His strategy is to visit most cities during the summer since it is a  very good time of the year to get customers, and of course, SKATE.  

He bases his travels and sustains on what he calls “routes” that he creates with connections and people he meets on the road, people he makes tattoos for and people he skates with.






His first visit to Europe as he recalls was back in July 2013 rolling through Holland! can you imagine this dude? That’s what’s called hard work kids. 

On this trip he skated through Amsterdam and various other cities but the one that made the biggest impression for him was rolling through a place called Anrhem where there is actually a Church skatepark, A WHAAAT?!, yeah an old abandoned church now called “The  Skatechurch” that’s got to be an insane spot to skate in right.



Recommended Spots in Spain by Lucho

Barraza also recalls Barcelona, Spain which he refers to as Paradise due to the amount of spots to skate and the amount of skaters from all over the world. 
He also mentions Mallorca as one of the places with the flattest grounds to skate in and  Paralei since it's not very crowded as some other spots like Forum and Macba also in Spain which is always too crowded according to Lucho. 
Barraza is a great example of perseverance and hard work, as for his skating style, you can see he is very comfortable with rare curves and Wall rides, we hope to see more of this dude in the future. 

As every year his plan continues to be waiting for summer, keep tattooing, saving money and pulling some sick SHIT​®​ all over the world!



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