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Louis Vuitton Ventures Into The Skateboarding Industry

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Lucien Clarke is a pro street skateboarder from Jamaica, he is characterized for his dress style, using the most expensive shoes to skate and his street tricks as well, he has turned into a symbol as a black skater in the industry.

Thrasher has shown and dedicated two pages in its last magazine edition to highlight the new Louis Vuitton skate shoes where the leading role is for Lucien who has collaborated with Virgil Abloh, the creative director of the brand to design his own pro shoes.

Through his Instagram account where he has more than 150 thousand followers, he highlights the news and shows his pro model with Palace Skateboards, using the LV as his sign too, according to him the video part will be at the end of this year.

Clarke's shoes are the first skateboarding edition from a fashion brand like Louis Vuitton. Something particular to these news is how people react to it, as a surprise and honor for the entire skate community.

However there were some others in disagreement, they say that a brand like Louis Vuitton is not respectful to the community for not known anything about skateboarding like the true skate brands do. 

Unlike those dissenting people, huge skaters like Evan Mock, Stevie Williams, Erick Koston, Louie Lopez, Manny Santiago, Felipe Gustavo, Pedro Barros and so much more, celebrated this achievement.


About The Shoes

The shoe has black and white presentations, both with orange details signed by Clarke, the laces have protection for the grip tape scrape, it looks comfortable inside.

There aren't specifications for the Vuitton shoes on their official website yet, but we could say that these belongs to the sneakers section and are similar to the collection "LV Trainer Sneakers".

It might be a surprise to some people, but for others, it's probably another strategy to draw new audiences that are diverse and young and for sure the skateboarding community offers this type of audience.

The fashion in skateboarding has always been important as a counterculture, most of the time it is not only for the design of the clothes or shoes, it's about how a skateboarder can represent the brand using the shoes during a skate sesh.

The community that a pro skater will attract depends on their talent. Their audience will feel inspired and influenced by the style and the shoes is he or she is wearing. As a superstar the followers will want to be like him, the skater becomes a product themselves as well.






About The Brand

Louis Vuitton is one of the most important multinational brands in the fashion industry, for more than a hundred years this brand is famous because of its luxury handbags, dresses, shoes and catwalks.

Also because of their collaborations with the most relevant brands, for example, Moet & Chandon and Hennessy which helped the company to expand its interests around the world.

LV is a French fashion house, it was founded in 1854, the monogram of the brand became to be the sign of Louis Vuitton, but it was thanks to his son George that this turned into the brand symbols.

The success of the brand owing to the influential clients who gave it its prestigious name since its beginnings. LV has kept going thanks to Louis' descendants, each son of every season continued in the steps of Vuitton to maintain it.

What gives to Vuitton the huge name in modernity was the entry of new designers for collections that involves dresses, shoes, and graphics.

Even though it looked like a brand that has nothing to do with skateboarding, it has still drawn a young crowd, it is constantly updating while conserving its real essence as well.


Skateboarding Into a Luxury Brand? 

The mix between skateboarding and Louis Vuitton sounds kind of crazy because of the personal ideas and the identity that both sides have. But it's a fact that a Millionaire brand like LV could finance a type of product that more than style needs to be appropriate for the practice.

If we take birds eye view of the shoe brands we have in the industry there are just a few that are popular around the world, like Vans, Nike, Adidas, DC, Etnies and probably more, these have been working for years on what's best for a skater.

LV will be competing in an industry that also demands quality and durability, and if Lucien's shoes give those features to the consumers, they will be accepted by the community, but if it doesn’t the public will definitely let them know.

Even if LV puts the shoes on the best skater of the world, the brand will have to be conscious of what it is giving to its clients because they will use them for skateboarding.

Skateboarding requires shoes that protects the skater's feet. Durability in the sole, laces, materials, and resistant, tight but comfortable shoes that at the same time will help to cushion the impact while landing or failing a trick. What else do you think is important on a shoe?

Some traditional skaters expressed that we always have had our own industry, brands, and that stuff but everyone who has the money and the intentions will be able to create a brand and make it successful.

The discussion is now open, everyone can give their opinion about it, but what is really relevant is that never in the history of both sides has it happened that a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton gets interested in the skateboarder public. At least not to this length.

Maybe it is because in skateboarding style will always prevail, even if for some skateboarders it is not a fashion, but probably to others it is, so we should respect that, take it slow, go out and skate all day because whatever shoes you use, it will be serving for the same purpose.

Enjoying the skateboarding essence means that you won't need to have the most expensive things, you won't need a pass to get into a skatepark and you absolutely won't need the approval of anybody, so go ahead and skate. And if you happen to try these new shoes, please tell us how they are. 

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