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Loose vs. Tight Skateboard Trucks: Which Should You Choose?


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


How tight trucks should be is a question which have become a serious debate among skaters, having two sides. The guys that think skateboarding cannot be done if the kingpin nut is threaded all the way to the nyloc, and the ones who defend the stability of crushed bushings. So, what should you do? We are going to explain that to you in this article.

The Perfect Truck Adjustment Doesn’t Exist



Maybe you don’t know how to adjust the truck tightness. First things first, kingpin adjustments are a bit more subjective. Setting the nut to the perfect height at the first try is not going to happen, ever. You will require a 14mm wrench.

It is entirely up to you how tight or loose you want your trucks to be. But whatever you do, always tighten them equally. You must be able to not tell the difference between front and back. Now, when you adjust your trucks it almost always has to do with speed. If you want to go faster you will need tighter trucks. Tight trucks will give you stability at higher speeds, like for example doing a downhill or skating in a vert ramp. Another benefit of having tight trucks is doing big drops. This will avert some pretty nasty cases, because the truck wheel won’t bite.






Both Options Has Their Pros and Cons

Illustration: Unknown 

Tight trucks enable you to hang your heel off the edge of the board so it won’t veer off to the side. This works perfectly for kickflips. Tight trucks are better for the ancles, it will prevent future injuries, and if you have one a board with tight trucks will help you to get back sooner than you think. On the other hand, loose trucks won’t make it difficult to line up on an obstacle. If you often press down on the tail for turning, then it is tied to loosen the kingpin nut. If you skate with tight trucks, loosening them will improve the flow of your skateboarding. Loose trucks also allow for a better landing if the drop wasn’t perfect.

In conclusion, there are no specific answer to choose loose or tight trucks. You could start with one type and then change the adjustments as your skateboarding develops, finding your own preferences is part of the ride. So fuck the opinion of anyone who tells you how you should adjust your trucks, in the end your opinion is the only one that counts.


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