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Lizzie Armanto: Skateboarding Girl Power

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


  • Stance: Regular
  • Age: 27
  • Country: Finland/ USA
  • Instagram: @lizziearmanto
  • Sponsors: Bones Swiss, Bones Wheels, 187, Independent, Birdhouse, Bro Style, Vans, Pro-Tec, Monster, Baby G

Born January 1993, Armanto is a Professional Finnish-American Skateboarder from Santa Monica, California with over 10 years of skateboarding experience focused on the bowl and vert disciplines, this dudette has many accomplishments on her book from over 30 wins in different world events to be the first women in over 20 years to be featured in the cover of Thrasher magazine!

Armanto gives credit to her mother for introducing her to the beauty of skateboarding. As early as 2007, her mother Eva took her along with her brother to the skateparks for a little after school sesh! where both kids fell in love with the discipline, their own mother took into the sport herself for a while! Lizzie estates that it was either skateboarding or the library as after school treat and they usually preferred skateboarding.





X Games Debut

Lizzie saw the first glimpse of glory by 2013 in Barcelona where she won gold in Skateboard Park in the games, she has been a favorite ever since. 2013 was probably the year where she was placed on the skateboarding map by getting the 1st place at the Girls Contest Finals at Van Doren Invitational (which she also won the next year) among other events, she is now used to being in the top 5 in almost every contest she enters.


Women’s Strength In Sports

She has been the first woman to successfully complete Tony Hawk’s 360-loop ramp and also the first to be on the cover of TransWorld Skateboarding magazine.

Armanto is also known for being an advocate of female equity in skateboarding, which has many times been considered a male-dominated discipline. As most female skaters state that they have to prove themselves even harder in order to be able to stand out and get an acceptance or even respect from some people in the scene.

Altho many stereotypes in this field have been taken down, there is a whole new form of discrimination happening for female skaters across the world that need to be looked upon and addressed, the disrespect and harmful statements from online bullies have moved from the skateparks to the safety of social media platforms like Youtube or Instagram.

Armanto being part of a whole new generation of skaters that grew up with social media influences, decided to take hands into the matter and teamed up with Samarria Brevard and Jenn Soto, also prominent figures of the rising female skateboarding scene to create what they called “Above The Noise” a skateboarding video intended to show what female skateboarders have to offer to a background narrative of social media comments from those bullies stating the “inability of women to skate”, these comments that for some people seem harmless, or merely an opinion, built up the strength of these three dudettes, who decided to make a graphic statement of their abilities to inspire those young women that have been led to believe that they don’t belong in the skateboarding world.


Rising Above The Noise

This dudette has shown her abilities to inspire many others and her skills have been proven worthy, she is not only Tony Hawks protégé, but is also currently sponsored by one of the biggest skateboarding brands out there, VANS, she has also worked along with industries signature brand BONES wheels, and already has 3 signature models with the best features and specs for park and bowl skateboarding in the market.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, Armanto is definitely up and coming to make history as a female skateboarder, she recently confirmed that she will be part of the Finnish skateboarding national team and will be competing on the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and we are looking forward to seeing the SHIT® she has to bring to the table!


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carley October 19, 2020

can we hear more about how she started to skate

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