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Leo Valls: From Skateboarder to National Hero

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Leo Valls has an incredible style when it comes to moving when he skates. It seems like he is dancing. His energy and flow are full of rhythm. No wonder why his sense of humor is so hilarious. In an interview with the TOA channel, he claimed with a smile that he would choose Bordeaux over New York City “because of the baguettes and the cheese”. Between the professionals that influence his skating, there are plenty of East Coast and San Francisco skaters from the 90s. Also, Japanese skaters like Takahiro Morita and Gou Miyagi.

Born on 21st July in Bruges, the prodigy enjoys the idea of traveling and meeting local skaters. Despite the fact that Leo is sponsored by recognized brands such as Adidas, he is very humble making it perfectly clear in most of his interviews that “It’s always a bless to do this”. Most of the experts would agree that Leo’s unique and refreshing attitude influences the way he approaches skating a lot. Certainly, the way he looks at the spots and his capacity to switch the game is on point.


Redefining Skateboardings Role in Bordeaux

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

His fans describe him as a guy with an amazing style and someone who is very inspirational. The way he moves when he skates show his great motion. The main reason is that in his town, Bordeaux, people want fewer cars in the city. Skateboarding allows a better appropriation of culture because it is an accessible tool and sport for the youth. As well as Leo has been inspired by foreigners, he teaches his followers that his passion can give life to these public places where skateboarding is allowed. 

National skateboarder master style

Thanks to Leo, Bordeaux started to understand the impact of skate culture as a positive effect on the youth and the older generations. For example, the plaza can once again become a place where people can meet and exchange knowledge, passion, and respect for the different expressions of art. The true school of life is in the streets, with healthy activities.






Leo and his beautiful city showcase for the rest of the world what kind of positivity can be created and sustained when skaters and city officials work together. During an interview with DC Shoes, Leo stated: “skateboarding is a half sportive, a half artistic activity which enables you to have pleasant sensations”. For him, the skater’s community is a priority.

This hero invites his followers to join forces and work together to make things happen. Knowing how important this art is in the life of many people, he truly believed in his cause: the initial forbidden to practice this sport (getting tickets and kids getting chased by the police), and the repressive policy against skateboarding needed to stop. For Leo, it didn’t make sense that cities spend money trying to prevent skateboarding through defensive architecture such as skate stoppers and knobs. Leo is the living proof of “if you can dream it, you can do it". Leo Valls is now 34 years old and one of the most loved and successful skaters of France.



Written by Carolina Monclou


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