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Legal But Not Allowed: Skateboarder Harassment in Argentina

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Bringing skateboarding to the country of Argentina was not an easy thing, despite there not being a law that prohibited this lifestyle, you could be imprisoned for even having a skateboard.


Do It Yourself

The skateboard arrived to Argentina in the 70s, however, in the '80s “sidewalk surfing” was a luxury so “Do it yourself” defined the soul of most Argentine skaters in this era. According to olds skaters from Argentina, the first ramps and places for skateboarding were made with wood bought by the skateboarders themselves.


Imprisoned Due To Skateboarding

"They've taken me prisoner just for skateboarding, they've taken me out of places with a shotgun to my throat just for going skateboarding," says Moska (a 40 year old skater) to Argentine magazine La Nación. Also like Moska, Isabel Dibón (47 years) says: "A lot of times they captured me, put me in a patrol car, handcuffed and everything, this happened between 87 and 90 times".

Many times over the years, since skateboards and skateboarding arrived to Argentina, the police viewed the skateboards like they were weapons and thus, without a warrant or arguments they picked up skaters and put them in prison.






Good Shit Happens

Despite having lived in the shadows, skaters in Argentina eventually managed to create a space to enable skateboarding with free access for all. Nowadays they even have a pre olympic skatepark, with their history they show us that despite Shit happening, with perseverance and passion skateboarding will continue to live!


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