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Le’Andre Sanders the Non-Stance Pro Skateboarder

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Le'andre Sanders is a 24-year-old skateboarder from Los Angeles, California. He has been skateboarding for 13 years, when he was 7, his father gave him his first Tony Hawk skateboard. 

With more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram Sanders is known for his style to skate without stance, which means that he can control both goofy and regular like a boss, which makes it look like he doesn't have a stance.

"I started off at Hawthorne just seeing Louis Lopez, Antoine Dixon, Deodis Beasley. I think it was pretty cool seeing them" said Sanders at Berrics. He enjoyed seeing Louis in Hawthorne while he was growing up, "at that moment I said that I wanted to be like that", he added in his special section at Berrics called How to Turn Pro in 10 Days.

The first episode went out a week ago and each day until now, Berrics has posted different topics talking about being a pro skateboarder. There Sanders spoke about what he loves about skateboarding and showed his best tricks to illustrate to the audience about the skateboarding lifestyle.

He started with a presentation of him, then an interview with Tony Hawk, he also experienced a day in a "real" job, reacted to 10 classic parts, played a SKATE game with Paul Rodriguez, asked for a Kickflip around the city and recorded a lot of skateboarding, he made a Switch Madonna Finger Flip NBD and added his best 10 tricks on a different skatepark.


The Skateboarder With No Stance


When Sanders began to skate he pushed mongo, which is like pushing fakie but he didn't last too long with this stance because he learned fast, to him it has been easy to just do it on both sides. Even so, he felt weird to not learn like other kids did.

Most of the time he received a lot of jibes for not doing "right", he said that once he was trying to do a 360 flip pushing regular, but he couldn't do it, so he tried on the opposite, on a goofy stance and he landed it.

"Everybody would make fun of me like, ‘you can’t do regular, that’s gross, you can’t skate’ that’s when I didn't like skating because there was always something and I had to explain myself," he said in the interview with Berrics.

He commenced going to the skatepark and got confused by his way of skating. He tried to figure it out and find out what his stance was and as time passed he thought that he was better skating goofy.

"So I just stopped skating regular for like four years. I guess it was the way I thought about skating. I didn’t look at the goofy, regular, fakie or switch. I was just skating to escape," he continues.

One day I was following my little brother in the snake ground. He hit the regular backside melon and I couldn’t do that, I was like “dude how can I do this, and I just one day dropped in like goofy and just glided over it.

By now Le'andre is a great skateboarder, a young and very complete athlete. He loves curves but also the street, he enjoys skateparks and is constantly challenging himself to achieve any proposed goal.

"I don’t know, I rather just walk into a skatepark and just go, skate everything, like somehow switch dance, and then going into the street section. That’s a gift from God most definitely," Sanders says about what he most likes to do during a skate sesh.






A Close Talk With Tony Hawk

Berrics made this special to recognize Sanders' talent but also to show that to be a pro skateboarder you just need to be you, spontaneously, of course.

In his interview with Tony Hawk, he asked him about success, money, recognition, fame, but also for advice about being in the skateboarding industry as a professional.

Sanders asked him what his advice would be to 24-year-old Tony. "I would just say, stay the course, you’re not gonna believe what’s in store and don’t try to do a loop in a gorilla suit," said Hawk to Le'andre at Berrics.

Hawk also said that he really respects Sanders' style and stances to skate because he never saw anyone skating as adaptive as him, "no one looks more comfortable skating" than he does, Tony highlights about Sanders.

Tony also added that "You’ve tapped into something that no one’s really gotten yet, I mean, there’s plenty of people, yeah we can do switch tricks, but we all look awkward going switch, I mean I look like I’m having a seizure, but you look like completely natural and I feel like the future is super bright for you".


To Le'andre it was important to ask Tony about always being a good man, to which Hawk answered:

"That you or I get to ride a skateboard for an income and living is absurd. When I was growing up, that was not even a dream anyone had because no one had ever done it. To be doing it now, especially in the light of so much skateboarding success and popularity is something to be even more thankful for, '' Tony Hawk said at Sanders' interview.

Hawk said that he met a handful of pros and those experiences stayed with him, as he said, "some were bad, but some were amazing and those are the ones I held on to" so they both concluded that it is important to leave a great interaction with anyone because they will remember and feel inspired by you, but if you can't do that, they will feel disappointed.

It was such an amazing experience to see this section at Berrics, the message is clear, before you go pro you will need to be a person who is grateful for everything and inspire others with your behavior.

For sure, if you really love skateboarding and enjoy skating all day, you will see results soon. If you're already living the skate dream, don't forget to remember that nothing is forever and that what you are living right now is a privilege that no one could have before so be kind and skate.

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