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Keep Calm and Alexis Sablone

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


When Alexis Sablone appears on screen, she looks at the camera with such peace and control, you have to know that this lady has a lot of wisdom and experience, as it shines through her. This 34-years-old pro skater has not only become one of the principal role models for women within the skateboarding community, but she has also worked super hard in various artistic fields like architecture, animation, illustration, and sculpture. And, as if this wasn’t enough, she’s now part of the USA’s skate team heading for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.



Uprising Career

Alexis was born in 1986, in Old Saybrook, CT. Like so many of us, Alexis got into skateboarding by watching other kids express their freedom through skating. And she wanted that! Unlike plenty of other skaters, Alexis didn’t have the chance to see many videos ok skating as she was growing up and the skateboarding scene in her town was non-existent. So she had to take notes on the few clips that she could catch on TV. She would then figure out how to perform a trick and practice her heart out till she got it right.  The first years on her skatebaord was a major learning curve but she took it on with all her might. This was before she meet some guys at school who she would skate with and attend her first skate camp.


As her tricks got better she was able to visit decent skateparks and make a name for herself in the local skate scene. She started to get sponsorships from different brands like Element and The Firm, where she met PJ Ladd. This is where she had the chance to participate in the film called Wonderful, Horrible, Life (2002). Her short appearance in this film catapulted her forward in the skate scene. She never dropped out of school or thought that she could chase a professional career as a skateboarder, in her mind she was just doing this for fun.






After she got her bachelor’s degree in architecture, she started to take part in some of the big skateboarding contests of the time.  She put her whole heart into it and man did she succeed. She has ended up with 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals at the X Games in different years. She also took part in the Dew Tour, the Street League, and starred in one of the most epic battles at The Berrics. Now, she’s headed for the Olympic qualifiers to prove her value in Tokyo.


Alternative Projects

Alexis used the winnings from her competitions to get her master’s degree at MIT. She has always paid special attention to working on her own projects while getting a job to provide for herself. Since 2017 she is one of the special members of WKND Skateboards. With this brand, Alexis has not only had the opportunity to represent them skating, but she has also been able to work as their art director on various animation projects. And you can see that this lady is not only talented when it comes to skateboarding but artistically as well.



Not too long ago, she also worked on a project where she had the chance to combine two of her passions: architecture and skateboarding. She designed a skatable statue in Mälmo, Sweeden. The sculpture is called Lady In The Square”. From an aerial viewpoint it depicts a woman’s face but, on the ground.

New York is her home now and she has never stopped working on incredible projects like a graphic novel and her preparation for the Olympics. We really love the work that she has done and we hope to see much more in the future. In her own words, she has “carved my own path and never looked back”

Peace out!


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