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Kareem Campbell: From Harlem To The World

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Born November 1973 in Harlem New York, he started skating at the age of 16 and got his first glimpse of fame by an appearance in one episode of “Americas Funniest Videos” when he got a big blow to his nuts while attempting to boardslide a rail! Crazy right? He became a pro 3 years after the video came out, talk about progress!


90's Skateboarding Gold

Kareem got into the skateboarding industry’s radar by the 1990s due to his innovative skateboarding style and also the fact that he was among the first skaters to become playable characters in the Tony Hawk video game franchise

He was the first African American skateboarder featured in this franchise up until “American Wasteland” when Stevie Williams was also featured in the games.

He is also known as the “godfather of smooth street style” since most of his early skateboarding days were developed in the streets of NY, this guy had an advantage over other skaters that came from different environments such as the sunny California downhills and pool riding scenarios.






He brought a particular trick to popularity: a nollie hardflip late 180 (and yeah it’s as tricky as it sounds) which was later called “The Ghetto Bird”, this trick reflected his striving for perfection with his skills as well as his upbringings and it eventually became his signature trick.

Kareem mentions in a 2019 interview that he was sponsored by Powell Peralta for about a week but eventually decided to accept a deal from World Industries since they had been following him before the PP crew stepped in, he also talks about early business ventures together with Jason Lee back in the ’90s when they started Blue Skateboards.



Kareem has worked with World Industries, Axion Shoes, and is also big in the accessories and clothing field, sponsored by companies like Nixon Watches.

He also owns City Star Skateboards which is still running to this date. He is currently living in Texas and is mostly dedicated to real estate among other businesses.

Campbell skates a few days a week but mentioned in an interview that he is currently very busy managing all of his business ventures and is not able to dedicate as much time to skateboarding as he would like to.

Kareem was and continues to be a moneymaker, always seeking the opportunity to give himself and his loved ones the good life! Living proof that hard work pays off, we salute you bro!



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