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Jean Pantaleo: The King Of The Red Bull Bowl Rippers

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Even though this year made it impossible for many brands and movements to hold world events, Red Bull couldn't let pass this opportunity to gather the best skateboarders from Europe in the same place as last year with the Bowl Rippers contest.

That's why we saw the new edition at the beginning of this month, and what you witnessed there was action and fun in all its expressions. The Bowl Rippers was held in Southern France, Marseille. This event was hard to manage, but the result was pretty great.






Skaters like Ivan Federico, Vincent Milou, Danny Leon, Jaime Mateu, Hugo Dubief, Florian Cerutti, Omar Zoref, Aurelien Cerutti, Simon Leaute, Jan Hirt, Marcel Cama, Martin Le Clair, Archibald Bruno, Stellio Sakellarides, Dannie Carlsen, Karl Berglind, Robin Bolian, Bjorn Lillesoe and Noah Mahieu did their best to get to the finals.

It was nice to watch these guys enjoying themselves after a long time without competing. Everything in the contest played its role in making it a success - the music, the environment, the weather, photographers, filmers, a good panel of judges like Alex Giraud, Alexis Jauzion, Alain Goikoetxea, and more, Masters of Ceremony like Thomas Walks and also the bowl design, extensions, ramps, flow, literally everything!

Skaters were the stars, but all the team members worked together to bring an unforgettable experience that was viral on social networks even without its broadcast.

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To make it to finals, riders had to make their lines around the bowl. For the judges, the most important was how and not which trick the skater kicked and landed. Of course, to impress them, the skater needed to innovate, be really creative, and do the biggest tricks they had.

Each skater was unique in his style and fluency. Lots of people shouted and felt so happy because of all things happening during the event. Bowl Rippers lasted all day, and at night, everything got even better. Finalists did everything to take up the first place, but the victory stayed with the local skater Pantaleo.

Bowl Rippers did not just qualify the lines; it also took in count the best tricks specifically in bowl places. This year, the winner was Jean Pantaleo, a France native. The second place was for Jaime Mateu from Spain, and the third place was for the Swedish skater, Karl Berglind. Danny Leon, the Spanish skater, got the fourth position, the X Games gold medalist Ivan Federico took up the fifth place, and in the last was Bjorn Lillesoe from Denmark.

Organizing an event is not easy, but for sure, once you have done it, you just feel happy that no one got hurt, music was amazing, winners and participants did everything to remind how to compete and what's coming for all of these skaters.

This kind of competition motivates the skaters all the time. They need to be with their friends, enjoying, having fun, and learning more to push their boundaries. For sure, the current time is a difficult phase for the whole of humanity, but little by little, we can make things happen and get back the power to continue playing our sport.

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