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Jake Anderson: The Skateboarding Sea Wolf


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skateboarders ramble the city, surfers ride waves on the beach, and fishing captains fight daily in an endless battle against the ultimate of foes: the sea. For Jake Anderson, captain of his own crab fishing vessel, sailing, fishing and skateboarding have always been his three mayor interests. Though a great skateboarder with a prolific career ahead of him, an injury on his ankle costed him that. He needed to sustain himself, and without been able to skateboard he couldn’t be sponsored by shops, brands or guilds. It was then that an ocean of opportunities appeared before him; literally. He started getting aboard fishing ships all over the northern West Coast, from Seattle his hometown all up to Alaska and then down to California mostly as a cabin boy. The skateboarding injury was indeed an accident and a tragedy, but an accident that lead him to a new fruitful destiny, not of tragedy but of success.


Skateboarding and Sailing

After breaking his ankle, he spent his teenage years aboard fishing ships. To this day he says that his ‘Plan B’ if he didn’t get into professional skateboarding, was to turn his life to the sea and live on the cold waters of the Pacific that saw him grow up. He held dearly Los Angeles, for it was the city that inspired him to grab his first deck. Sadly, he struggled with alcohol and couldn’t skateboard when he was ashore. He spent two years homeless and his aching ankle made him soothe himself with hardcore drugs. But this did not stop him to continue crossing the waves and engaging storms while trying to catch seafaring bounty, a life that would eventually save him. 

His thrive was so strong that another course of fate sent him in 2007 to the Discovery Channel documentary series ‘Deadliest Catch’; the series focused on the adventures of the ‘Northwestern’, a fishing vessel whose captain have had recruited Anderson as his greenhorn just a few months before the filming. His brilliant performance aboard the ship and the success of the series were so big that he finally could make a living out of what he loved the most beside skateboarding. He eventually became a mayor authority on ships and crab fishing and was promoted to deckman throughout the series.






Captain, Celebrity and Skateboarder

Tragedy would come once again: his sister and father died unexpectedly during his greatest breakthrough. This however made Anderson kick the habit once and for all and to complete his seafaring career in order to cherish their memories. In 2012 he obtained his USCG Mate 1600-ton license and Master 100-ton Captain's license; from that day on he has been Captain Jake Anderson, and in 2015 he would acquire the ‘Saga’, his very own crab fishing vessel.

The ankle injury healed also, and so he could return to skateboarding once again. After all the time adrift from the deck he never let it remain unforgotten. Every then and now, if he’s not in the ‘Saga’ or spending time with his wife and children, he can shred and grind just as much as he did back in the day before the injury. He is a traveler, a coachman and a writer, but he’s also sponsored by DVS Shoes, where he designed the Torey Mid skateboarding shoes series for team rider Torey Pudwill. After all what he’s been through, he has received the greatest of all titles; being just as strong as the ocean and as unyielding as his skateboard.




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