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It’s Happening! SKATE 4 Is On The Way

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


One of the best and most beloved skateboarding videogames its finally getting a come back after a decade of its last release! People on social media have been speculating about this for a long time and even online rallies took place to make this happen, one of the most outstanding ones made by Berrics back in 2016 were people gathered online and bombed EA with the request of bringing the game back!

The internet went crazy in the beginning of this month when out of nowhere, the SKATE online servers went back up, EA did not even refer to the incident in various gaming-related events, putting many of the fans of the franchise at ease with the hope of ever getting a new SKATE game, but we said it! We never lost hope and the new release has been officially announced.






Against All Odds

Many people went back and forth on this subject, most of them skeptics since the original team that created the first game “no longer existed”, so they claimed that it was impossible to have a new game that properly made honor to the first deliveries, some of us optimists, lingered to the hope, just for the fact that 2020 became the comeback year for skateboarding videogames, with THPS, Skater XL, and a few other games that are on the way! We only hoped for EA to see how much buzz this was generating and have them realize that this was the right time to do and start developing a new SKATE game, and it seems that that’s exactly what happened!

Cruz Parry, Creative Director, and Derang Chung Game Director of SKATE got together virtually for a brief message in the EA social media platforms in which they thanked all of their fans for the patience and support, they stated that this is just the beginning of a whole new era for SKATE games, unfortunately, they did not provide us with much scoop since they just began developing the game, they did mention that they have been working for years now and waiting for the right time and probably technology to deliver what we expect to be the BEST game of the franchise.

This game did not come out with a big trailer or huge expectations, but just by confirming that the game is on the works got people lost their SHIT®! That’s how you can really see how big the fan base of the games is.

Is there a possibility that we are looking at the new king of skateboarding games?

We just have to wait and see, one thing is for sure, The developers of THPS and other smaller games must be biting their nails as you read this, but hopefully not, for us who enjoy the gaming genre it’s just great news after more great news! But be ready my dudes and dudettes because they are VERY different games and if you play them all, eventually you WILL be having to choose a favorite! All of us will! And that’s when the real war will begin.

It is almost certain that the new game will be developed for the new generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) and that we will not be seeing it for a while, but we already waited 10 years, nothing can stop us now that we KNOW the game is on the making! "you commented this into existence." said Parry on the announcement, we should be proud of ourselves!

Wich features do you think the game could have? Wich skaters will be on it? Let the speculation begin!!


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