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In Memory Of A Female Skateboarding Legend

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


You can remember her for the unforgettable picture of a girl with long blond hair, balancing on the nose of the skateboard, with so much attitude and control of what she was doing. She got to appear in different film productions as a double and also as an actress. 



She was one of the first girls who confronted the society by doing a male sport but keeping her own style to practice it. and being someone to admire for the skills she had when she was doing it too. She got the much-deserved recognition and was respected by everyone.

Ellen was from California. When she was pretty young, she began to skate as one of the pioneers of this modality. Incredibly enough, O'Neal was part of the team alongside Tony Alva, Alan Gelfand, Mike McGill, Steve Rocco, and Tim Scroggs, who were doing skate shows around the world in the 70s.

Despite the rejection, she competed anyway. Her skills in ballet, gymnastic, and surfing positioned her on the list. Ellen was supported by brands like Bennet Trucks, G&S, and Vans. You can watch her performances in movies like "Skateboard - The Movie" and as a double in the eighth episode of the third season of OG Wonder Woman.






In 2014, she was named in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame with many other skaters and had worked on the female project Poseiden Foundation since 2007. She is a legend, and her legacy will always be alive.


The Beginning Of Professional Skateboarding by Females

Female skateboarding has always been there. We can see it in the 70s pictures. As we know, in the beginning, skateboarding was something new to be explored. Decade after decade, the skateboard began to become worthy of different things.

When the freestyle and the flat ground was so popular before the ollie, and after that, on the pools and bowls, we saw many female skaters who, unfortunately, had to go out of practicing it to earn their living from something else because there wasn't a future with that 'toy'.


This sport has always been about having fun and going out to explore the world and see the streets and different spots as something skateable. Skateboarding is passion and love. When you really fall in love with it, you know that it's going to last forever regardless of the fact that you might have to live from something else.

We should be grateful for being on the map, thanks to a long list of things, starting with freestyle, hippie jump, bowl, halfpipes, the street, the parks, the contests, the videos, magazines, everything!

We can't ever forget those amazing girls who brought the females to the top with their skills on the board. Girls like Patty Mcgee, Ellen Berryman, Laura Thornhill, Robin Logan, Peggi Oki, Wendy Bearer, Cara-Beth Burnside, Jen O'Brien, Elisa Steamer, Vanessa Torres, and so many more incredible skaters.

Thanks to them, we have a story to tell. We have referents that have inspired other girls to buy a skateboard and began to skate. They gave women force, empowerment, smartness, a sense of pride in being different, the chance not to comply to the system, and more than that, to feel free to be whatever we want!

All these amazing girls deserve all the recognition for what they have done, but today, we want to commemorate an icon who has passed away but who will never be forgotten, Ellen O'Neal.

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