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Hunter Board: A Futuristic Tesla-Like Electric Skateboard

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Well, this is the new Hunter Board, a new electric skateboard that will help you move around the city in high speeds. This device was built in Portugal and has amazing technical features to make a trip easy and stable. 

"Our team in Portugal consists of experienced engineers, designers and production workers who build and operate sophisticated custom equipment that produces the Hunter Board" reads the HB website, continuing to say that all the boards are hand-assembled by them.

It's a fact that skateboarding is a vehicle to leave a place and arrive at some others. That's why we can find any type of skateboard with different features, like deck, axle, bearings and especially wheels.

If you want to try it as a sport, you probably will buy a Longboard, penny board, cruiser board or if you prefer just to move without too much effort, you will choose an electric board.

The HB evolved the electric board's features to go over surfaces without being interrupted by a rough, pockmarked, or covered in debris pavements that you probably will find traveling through any street city.






Hunter Board Features


Input Magazine said in its article that the board contains "an all-aluminum, water-resistant, battery-packing board with custom-designed suspension instead of rigid trucks, and tire-like wheels". Furthermore, its price is $1,949 dollars, a bit more than an electric bike.

Its weight is surrounding to 19 lbs which helps to maintain a speed of 34 mph, it boasts 3,600 W of power including also regenerative braking for more permanence, its battery of 333-Wh has the ability to be swapped out and lasts for up to 24 miles.

The differences between our skateboard and the HB are giant, of course you won't be able to do tricks like you do in skateboarding. Take it as a vehicle but you will have to use it with the same technique to ride it, but with five setups like Eco, Calm, Sport, Rain and Custom.

While you are learning how to roll around, to stop and control it, these recommendations are important; always use preventive measures, at least a helmet, but preferably also kneepads, elbow guards and wristbands.

And if did you wonder, like us, if there are any shock absorbers for the unexpected falls, it was important to HB to state that "the aluminum board has no give at all, so all the cushioning comes from the wheels and the suspension, which offer just over 2 inches (53mm) of travel".

Its deck shape is similar to the "double drop" longboard deck. To take advantage of its entire space "our design philosophy is simple: form always follows performance", said Miguel Morgado, Chief Product Officer at Hunter.

The Hunter Board is special for its wheels that will let you ride over any surface, and how much the HB is will assure you complete stability, something that according to the brand is impossible in a traditional electric board.

"For the first time, potholes, poor roads, and other minor obstacles stop being an inconvenience for riders and become just another part of the journey," said Pedro Andrade, Co-founder and CEO at Hunter.

"Our engineers developed a new mechanical turning system, designed to give you a 25º turning angle", said Hunter in its specifications, which means that this device with its flexible trucks, will be able to do tight turn-arounds perfectly.

The HB remote hasn't been shown yet, the HB team will reveal it "closer to the launch date". Its features highlight that the "Lightsaber Remote" has enough power for 50 full rides. Furthermore, you will "customize your Hunter Board's acceleration and braking curve, max power, braking power, and much more".


What Should I Have in Mind if I Want to Try it?


It is important to remember that skateboarding is a sport of controlled risk, which means that there is always a percentage of threat if you don't know how to ride, for example. That's why you will have a chance to worry about just standing up and follow the instructions and features of the HB.

If you want to get the board, the company will be taking orders at the end of September and will have a "founder's series" to deliver the first 50 units. Likewise, all HB production will be available next year. HB has a factory in Lisbon, Portugal, and "ships everywhere except North Korea".

The product offers all the spare parts during the 2 years warranty and after which they will still be able to help you for a small sum, "If something breaks, we'll send spare parts for free if the warranty is still valid".

What I think about the HB device is that it probably will fit to those who want to use it just like a vehicle in their daily lives. It's imposing, looks huge, so if you want to have a dimensional imaginary it is like a longboard and even bigger because of its wheels.

And if you will have to control speed and the city infrastructure, like drop slopes, to ascend, uncovered highways and so much more, well it is really important to use a downhill helmet that will protect your head completely. The site said that they are working to distribute the right helmets.

Its price is affordable depending on the needs and of course because it is an electric board, even though you could probably get 13 cheap downhill longboards. So if you want to move around the city without any effort, enjoy the air and the view, or if you prefer to relax and avoid extra movement, this would be a great option for you.

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