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How To Use Social Media As a Skateboarder

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


To begin with, you need to know what kind of content you want to share with your community and what social media you will use. Depending on your taste you will find something that fits your needs. Here are some ideas for content and quality that will help your social media game!


Skateboarding Lifestyle

As a pro skater you would be recording video parts, commercial campaigns, contests, trips and more and your content would have everything you needed for social media. You could skate everywhere and share how your life is daily. If you really love to record yourself skating, it is actually quite easy to go viral on social media at some point.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of 'algorithms' because they will give you a better understanding of the platforms and social media you are using, when you learn more about it and do your best to please it, your account will receive more support.


Skateboarding Filmer or Photographer

If you are a skateboarding filmer or photographer we have some good shit for you here. Your Instagram is your catalog so you need to be conscious of what you are sharing because there will be companies watching your content, people supporting your work and you have an opportunity to show what you do with the freedom to say that everything comes from you.






Most of the filmers upload their best shoots and tricks of the skaters they record. We suggest that you show off your work in a more intimate way, from your own experiences and your own truth. You don't need to be the center of attention but to the contrary, you can be a bridge between your way of seeing a trick and the skater's perspective.

Pro Tip: Remember that if your work is really good, some promotion accounts will repost your videos and that will help you to increase your community and along with it your opportunities as well.




Social Media Influencer

There are also those that are good at skating but even better at entertaining others with their ideas and creativity in their videos. So if you want to be someone who shares everything, we suggest you keep all the platforms filled with regularly updated content.

It's a hard job but if you are good at it you will receive some nice rewards. A great part of this kind of content is that you're free to talk about anything, skateboarding will be accompanying you all the time and you can do tutorials, tips, educate, tell stories, make vlogs and more.

Pro Tip: Quality is really important, depending on the digital platforms that you choose you will be able to make your own personal format. Remember always that creativity is essential and that people are rude sometimes so it pays to not pay attention to any negative vibe.


Social Skateboarding Projects

If you are a sports promoter and you feel great doing social work and helping others, you can build a profile where you support skaters and make events with a social purpose and focus on growing the community.

These accounts are huge nowadays because everyone is looking out for the common good where skaters, videographers, photographers, brands, kids, schools, designers and others are working together on the same profile supporting each other and fortifying a community.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to copyrighted music and always give credits to anything you took from other accounts, use all the features that come with social media, and quality never stops to be important.




Success is decided by your discipline. Consistency and your skills will help a lot, but as we mentioned before, quality is necessary to make your goals come true. So we're going to suggest some advice to make your ideas look even better.


Invest In Your Machine

You don't need the last version of the last tech gadget, but you have to make sure that the camera is good. iPhone is still in my opinion the best phone to record skateboarding with. Don't forget to choose a phone with lots of GB because you know how it is when you work on getting a trick and you keep filming and filming.

The slow-motion mode will make your content special because people can see how you execute your trick frame-by-frame and they will notice your style and which trick it was. If you have a good phone everything that you upload will look great.






Pro Tip: When you decide to care about your content and the different events in your life that you want to share you will start to notice some changes. And even more so with a good phone, camera, microphone, accessories and all that good stuff. So always invest in yourself and keep your best memories saved.


Editing Your Own Skate Videos

In social media, it's true that if you never recorded it, it never happened. But we don't record stuff to prove to others what we did, we do our videos because those will be the memories that we have with us when we can't skate. 

Some skaters still think that everything should be done by others, but when that happens you're always depending on someone else. And to be honest, there's nothing like editing your own videos, using your own phone to capture your own best tricks and then putting them together in a project, exporting and uploading them immediately.

Pro Tip: We suggest downloading apps to edit your videos but if you have an iPhone, iMovie is a sufficient editor. If you want something pro you will have to learn Premiere Pro, but if it's something directly from your phone you can use InShot, Splice, Quik and more.


Remember that these tips are here to serve those who want to increase the quality of their profiles. Your skateboarding doesn't need to be approved by anyone, you just have to have fun and only if you care about sharing what you like most about skateboarding with others, the quality of your content is something you might want to think about. 


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