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How To Teach Skateboarding To Children


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Kids are always on the search for a thrill. When they’re not scared of something they love it to worship status. These times are a weird mixture between the ongoing overprotective nature of some parents and an ongoing marketing strategy that targets their children everyday with a new kind of entertainment device. Skating could be then a sincere approach to something different than a traditional sport, videogame or app. But how do you properly introduce your children or any kid to skateboarding without fearing for their safety or worse, fearing that they find it boring or scary? Check this out.


The First Skateboard and The First Set of Gears

Photo: Tina Stephenson (Unsplash)

Accepting the fact that the kid might fall or scratch is the first step. Then it should be clarified that skating is safer than what most people think it actually is. The risk of any permanent injury is very low, even lower than driving your kid home or to school. The proper garments are meant for protection, such as helmets, knees and elbows pads and wrist guards and are available in kids’ size. With these there should be no problem taking to the street.

Once the kid knows the basics it comes slowly but surely downhill, just has with a bike or a pair of roller skates. To maintain balance with both feet on the deck while moving is a great deal and should be praised, even if takes a fair amount of time; remember that kids, just like grownups, have different learning paces.


Hitting the Skate Park for the First Time

The kid will know when he or she is ready to take a tour to the skate park, but must also be encouraged to hit it soon, as personal growth is also done while seeing and learning from others in the real world. A rookie will never forget his or her first experience sensing the ramps and the slopes even in a possible future as a pro skater, so it’s very important to guide and stick to him or her while engaging the very first obstacles. First tricks as drop ins and tick-tacks are widely consider the perfect introduction to newbies of all ages.






Sooner or later, as life goes on and the kid starts get a hang of it, he or she will start taking on the deck with utmost pleasure. Just as he or she becomes more independent and mature, the skills displayed will grow too, and you’ll realize how meaningful it was to get that job well done and he or she will be always grateful for it.




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