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How To Stop on a Skateboard


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


As you might have noticed a skateboard doesn’t have breaks. That would of course make it easier but don’t worry, there are ways to stop your skateboard before you fall and seriously hurt yourself in a bloody splash together with your willingness to ever step onto a skateboard again. Let’s dive right in so you can learn to not do this 👇

Don't get scrapes while skateboarding but break with your foot


The Footbrake: Only for Level Ground


Don’t use the footbreak if you are going downhill. This method only works for casual skating on level ground. This way to stop on a skateboard involves using your foot to stop, and you (seriously) don’t want to use it if you’re barefoot, wearing flip-flops or open-toed shoes. The technique goes something like this: Turn one foot forward and put your weight to the foot in front and then bring your back foot down. Let your foot in the back drag slightly across the ground untill you come to a complete stop and are safe and secure to live for another ride on your skate.


The Tail Scrape

This is a very basic manouver and stopping method that should only be used when you are going slowly. When you do this you can easily lose balance and control of the skateboard without really meaning to. Use this method when you are skateboarding casually on even ground. It is pretty easy: Take your non-dominant foot and move it to the back of your skateboard, then press the tail with your back foot. If you fail at this try the heel scrape instead. Heel scraping and the tail scrape are very similar and your board’s tail won’t be making contact with the ground below. Instead of this you can extend tour back foot out all the way untill your heel isn’t touching the skateboard. As you are pressing the tail back you can stop as soon as your foot is making contact with the ground.


Controlled Slide Stopping

how to jump and not fall while skateboarding in the street
☝️ Not like this. Avoid that by learning how to break! (Photo: Unsplash)

Need to break downhill before you hit your head in a bloody smash into the next street light? Before I tell you about this trick, be aware that just as in cartoons where a car often hits the only tree in a 10 mile radius, you might typically encounter the same situation in the streets! The controlled slide stop is as mentioned made for downhill situations. Slide stops are good if you are going in high speeds down a hill and need to stop quickly. A good move to use instead of just jumping off your skateboard unless, ofcourse, you find yourself in an emergency situation. Place your front food forward and then turn your board at an 180 degree angle before placing your on the road (ouch, gloves anyone?) for stability.






Powerslide or Die Trying

This move has many simularities to a controlled slide but is a little bit more tricky. Don’t do a powerslide when you need to stop fast but use it at skate parks or while you are practicing some shit. The method goes like this: Shift all of your weight on to your heels and then turn your body in the direction of the slide before kicking out with tour back foot.


Jumping Off Your Skateboard Like a Pro (Final Solution For Losing Control!)

Bro or bro’ettes, listen up. Sometimes in life we just don’t have any other option than to just throw ourselves off the skateboard and give our lives over to the skate gods and pray to Tony Hawk for our safe return to planet earth. Exercise with caution and don’t do this at home (ok, you can do it wherever you want but I felt like it fit really well to say that there). Make sure to jump in the right way and use arms and legs to take the biggest beating of the fall.

I don’t know about you but knowing how to stop like a pro has it’s perks. Untill you master stopping just know that some scrapes and bruices make us look daring and courageous to the ladies as well.



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