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How to Record Amazing Skateboarding Videos

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


First you have to keep in mind that good equipment is really important, you don't need a professional camera to record a skate video but at least have a good enough phone that will highlight the details that are important and remember that the sun or the light is your best friend in capturing your eternal moves.


A basic concept of photography

Think about how you would like to be recorded, then adapt your devices and skills to those perfect angles that will help your skateboarder look good. A low shot to take the whole body, a medium shot to focus on the trick or the style, face and half of your body. But never cut the trick, please!

If you have a fisheye, the best thing you can do is put the camera really close to the trick. A good frame is a good shot. So try not to miss any detail and be focused on what the skater is doing, the spot, the stance, try not to capture too much floor or sky, but if you have to choose one of both, choose the sky.


Do record before and after the trick

Skateboarding is an action sport so always try to put the camera in action, a few seconds before and after will make the difference. You will capture how the skater is preparing for the trick, their style and how the skater landed it, prepare the shot to the end of the video. Don’t shout out with happiness during the video and stay focused!

Likewise, a skater can come in natural, switch, fakie, nollie or start the trick with one of those stances and then close it with another one. As a filmer you need to know that the front face is better than the back, depending on the trick.






Being in motion is very important

If you are rolling on your skateboard, be careful with your device. And remember that if you are recording a speed line it could be hard to capture but not impossible. You will have to go faster or slower than the skater and if the tricks are combined you will have to know what the skater is going to do.

Always record the tricks and if you have time make some general shots. But never put the camera too far away from the skater and use the zoom if necessary. You can record the videos for different platforms but we suggest that you focus on where most of the audience is going to see the video.


Remember the platform where you're going to upload your video

If you want to record a video part for YouTube, Vimeo or a traditional screen you will need a horizontal format. But if you are recording a video for social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Twitter, we suggest a vertical view, why?

Well everyone is looking at those digital platforms through a phone and the phone is in vertical most of the time and if you look at a video in horizontal on Instagram or TikTok, it looks small and the upper and lower space is wasted.

It all depends on your tastes, modality, the type of trick and location. If it's for the bowl, it's better in horizontal as the curves will look prettier. If you want a street trick, it is better on vertical as all the image will be directed to the skater.


Edits are important to the final result

When you are editing the set of tricks, you need to adapt the format to vertical, there are a few apps that let you edit directly in that kind of shot. Once you get the video, leave the best tricks to the end, use slow motion, iconic moments and some falls, but just a few and visually beautiful shots.

Look for inspiration by filmers that are good at it like Chris Gregson, Drew Hastings, Chris Rogers, Gustav Tonnesen, Michael Burnett and Joe Hancher. When you start to appreciate the work of others, you start to provide yourself with the tools to get better at recording.

You can start with any device and if you follow these tips, you will get amazing results that will help your skateboarder friends with exposure out there who will help you show off your work too. Happy filming!


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