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How To Prepare For The Olympics

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Sports are very important to any person, there are so many activities that everyone can do to go out of their comfort zone, some harders than others but any participation is completely respected.

Depending on people's tastes, some prefer traditional sports, while others enjoy to feel like they’re risking their lives, like in the practice of extreme sports.

Then you have skateboarding. Most of us practice it just for fun, and as skaters, we also know that only a few can get on the top list of skateboarders.

So what’s going on with those we are considering to be the best? They have won their credibility doing those impeccable performances while they were competing and we witnessed it, seeing them on each transmission.

There is a long list of great riders and almost all of them are who they are because of their talent competing, style, their type of persons and their ease to record on the streets. Each victory brought them new sponsors and those converted them too into a product for the community.

Riders like Tony Hawk, Travis Pastrana, Nyjah Huston, Shaun White, Kelly Slater, Leticia Bufoni and many more are people who gave us a reasons to feel inspired and also to admire each extreme sport.

They are successful because a long story working on their craft and hard work. So have you ever wondered what happens after becoming number one?

Maybe it could be a long way to be the best in a competition, but after that, if you want to maintain your victories, you might want to make sure you have good values while honoring and accepting that you're not immortal.

You have a body, soul and mind too, you are what you eat, what you think, what you do every day when you just wake up, so you will need to take care of yourself to get over any issue.






Skateboarding Before Olympics

Photo: Bradley Dunn (Unsplash)

Our history is really young, just since the 1950s, but it is also rigorous and contains a lot of a skateboarder's experiences that the entire community have witnessed. Every skater knows who the best skateboarders of history is and it is a fact that most of them come from the United States.

But when we speak about other places, skateboarding was barely worth mentioning previously. And at one point, skateboarding always was a small monopoly, which actually meant that there were organizations in the USA believing in skateboarding like nobody had done before.

We also saw how skaters skills in general has been increasing through every new decade, but also, most of the big skaters were remembered for their unique style, hard to surpass. Those riders made tricks that no one did before and also inspired others to be even better.

Is a fact that competition has been an important segment of our history and allowed skaters to find a way of living as professional riders. Thanks to private brands and competitions like X-Games as the big one, Tampa as the iconic, Berrics, Woodward, Combi Pool, Vans Park Series and in the last but not less important, Street League Skateboarding.

Before the Olympics, we had our own competitions as we mentioned before; our own entertainment with media like ESPN or Fox Sports who made of skateboarding a big show for the entire world; our own industry where brands like Nike or Adidas had to adjust itself to the skateboarding world; big energy drinks like Rockstar, Redbull, Monster that have always been there for the extreme riders.

Those events helped a lot of skaters living from skateboarding as a trade. A gold medal or trophy meant an opportunity to continue practicing and preparing for the next contest.

In general, the skater has been preparing to compete for more than 30 years. Skateboarding always has had judges and skaters from all over the world at least are registered in a world ranking list.

So we agree that a competition like the Olympics might be just another one, but with more benefits to everyone, with democracy and opportunities, especially to the riders.

Things To Keep In Mind

Is important to highlight that this sport is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys being at the skateboardtjeneservice. Even if you aren’t a pro rider, you can be a professional in other academic areas, someone with the skill to provide a deepest skateboarding analysis.

In an athlete’s case who has professional support, he or she will be able to understand how the body works and which actions should take to stay in shape. The skater would receive the right attention from those who specialized in any of the health issues.

Places like Brazil, United States and Japan have been better advances in this, so for a rider is important to be in his best condition ever, because that would help the skater to be stronger and avoid any injury or break.

One of the most important characteristics that we can see in all the riders is their discipline to go out and skate all days, the talent of the skater, the ability to innovate doing new tricks or taking himself to the required training to be stronger.

We also can say that the best place to test yourself is on the street, there the skateboarder will have to think faster as he has to do in competition because there you wouldn't have getthe chances to do the trick as in a skatepark, you just have a few, so you will have to take any advantage to do it.


How Important Is The Training In Skateboarding

Photo: Ruben Gutiérrez (Unsplash)

Reading the opinion of some riders, to them, the training concept becomes the life of the skater, and of course, not all the countries have had to think about this before the olympics, so it might be good times ahead for those who like to see it get organized.

Many skaters don’t value the importance of their coaches in his or hers technical preparation and we think that is one of the reasons why skateboarding is changing. Now that skateboarding is considered a sport, some professionals that don't know anything about it think that skate needs the same requirements as other Olympic sports do.

This means that the skateboarder will need not just a manager, but also a coach, body trainer, psychologist, physiotherapist and methodologist; even the rider will need to have a better public image and be prepared for the media and pr.

So, when you start to see skateboarding as a professional you will have to do your best to continue skating like a pro, continue winning, continue working for the brands, continue inspiring. And if that is important to you, you will have to be disciplined.

But also, apart from skate, we can see how riders like, Nyjah Huston or Leticia Bufoni have been working on their bodies to be healthier and stronger to continue skateboarding. A potential injury, a broken bone and a slow recovery might make think twice about your health habits. If you want a good recovery, you will need to take care of yourself.

Now skateboarding is becoming a bigger possibility to the new generations, more than any could imaginen. 

If you are preparing for being a professional skateboarder from the Olympics academy, or plan to get there in the future, you will have to work hard on your health and maybe try to practice some complementing sports that could give you more opportunities to win like parkour, swimming, balance board and more, take advantage of the people who are there to support you and never forget what the essence of sateboarding is.


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