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How To Meditate On a Skateboard

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


These strange times have taken its toll on all of us, and this moment is one that we should take advantage of to connect with our inner selves. Probably, when you hear the word “meditation”, you might think about having to remain still and stiff on a corner of a completely silent room and think about the greatness of the universe. And that could be a way to do it too, indeed, but we’re here to find new ways to ponder and contemplate our existence without having to get off our boards.


Let Yourself Go With The Flow

First of all, keep in mind that skateboarding is something that you do wholly for FUN because that thought is going to be your primary catalyst in this process. If you do, all of your actions will be routed towards this objective and it won’t matter if your session didn’t go as well as you pictured it before leaving your house because you’re still going to have a blast skating. Go out and roll around; take a look at everything that surrounds you –maybe you can find something that you weren’t aware of previously–; feel how the pavement touches your wheels. Enjoy the wind on your face, appreciate every tiny detail that takes place on that spot, and...








Take a Few Deep Breaths

Just because you’re breathing all the time, doesn’t mean that your lungs are receiving as much oxygen as they need. In fact, most of us don’t really know how to breathe properly according to this health article. So, to make sure that you provide yourself with the best conditions to skate (and to live in general, actually), check on your belly to see if you’re using your diaphragm right to breathe. Inhale profound and slowly through your nose and direct the air to your stomach until it is swollen, then exhale it gradually using your mouth noticing that your abdomen deflates. Repeat this procedure a couple of times so you can see the difference. Diaphragmatic breathing boosts the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange and helps you feel more energetic for your daily activities and that’ll give you a sense of being “more present” in your body. 

Which take us to the next and last consideration:


Be Fully Aware of Your Body

It’s really important to stretch before you go for a ride to avoid getting any sprain on your legs muscles and to gain more flexibility to accomplish and land any trick that you want. Thus, when you get on your skateboard, focus on the position of your body and scan every part of it mentally: take note of how you move your hips when you push the board, and what are your hands doing, are your toes in a comfortable position? Check how your feet are in relation to the deck, and expand yourself to that thing. It may sound weird at first but if you start to feel your board as a part of your own body, it’ll be easier for you to take control over it and, in consequence, you’ll be able to try more and new things on it.

So, the outcome of this whole practice will be some kind of consciousness about the way you manage yourself in life and how you skate: that’ll bring tons of benefits for your body and mental health. Remember that skateboarding is an activity that benefits your concentration and, through persistence and perseverance, you can achieve anything you set your mind in. There are no limits for this so, tie your shoes, grab your board, put on your earphones, and ride to enlightenment. See you around.


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