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How To Look Like a Real Skateboarder


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Is there a certain way you MUST dress to hit the skatepark? We are not so sure about that.

Here are some essentials you should know when you think of a skater clothing style.

Is there really a dress code for skateboarding? 

Most skaters seem to think there is, and society also tends to identify you as a skateboarder based on how you look or how you act, but times are changing and it's time to think and know that most skaters do it for comfort and performance.

How do You Feel Comfortable?

Shitzy skating around

Going back to 90s skating culture, baggy was the way to go, jeans and shirts and even shoes used to be HUGE, baggy clothes were supposed to give you more “room to move” and the shoes were supposed to give you better grip to your board, but did they?

As times, technology, fashion and design have evolved, most skateboarding companies have changed their approach and have developed different and various new gear (especially in the footwear area) to provide skateboarders with a better skating experience, one pretty good example of these technologies could be VANS with their ComfyCush shoes line among others, which displays several features that are supposed to make you feel more comfortable while skating, providing durability and even making long and heavy drops smoother by absorbing the strength of the fall.






But let's get back to the point, is there a dress code in skateboarding?
While not denying that there is a very particular “look” on skateboarders, we can now see that there are various styles and not one particular “dress code” . What you need to keep in mind when hitting the skatepark is COMFORT and if you can, a good pair of shoes.

There are however, a few items that you will see a lot in most skateparks:




Most helpful to keep your long ass hair from your face or at least keep the sweat of your eyes.

Check out this beanie right now!

 beanie black shit style


Skate Company Tees

You're not sponsored yet, but maybe one day they will notice right?

Check out this Tee right now!

dress code shit skateboard model


Bucket Hats

Some caution for those sunny days.

Let's keep in mind that people don't dress just based on what they do but also most of their interests and it's a crucial part of their identity if you feel like going the baggy 90s style, ITS COOL, and if you rather some skinny jeans and converse IT'S ALSO COOL!

Also, it might sound kinda dorky but bro, if you are a beginner on skateboarding, try to keep at least a helmet and pads on your gear (you don't want to end up getting hurt).

The point is: skate in what YOU LIKE and however you feel more comfortable, just have fun, work hard and pull off some sick SHIT!

street style skateboarding comfort clothes


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