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How To Fingerboard

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Rainy day in paradise? Use your hands and learn how to fingerboard!

Great, you are already a skateboarding master, you know all the tricks, know the best parks in town and have established yourself as a living legend among your friends. But guess what, it`s a rainy day and the pool is now filled with water and not with the gang. What to do? Sure, you can watch some Netflix at home, or you could play any Tony Hawk's game. However real men and women would kick ass at fingerboarding. To play the game you got to now the rules, fingerboards have 3 modes, vert, freestyle and street in which you can use 4 different styles: Regular, Nollie, Switch y Fakie.


Start Fingerboarding: How to Set it up

Get your board: There are many types of boards which can go from 29 mm to 35 mm, depending on your style and size. Also, you have many brands to choose from such as Tech Deck, Southboards Freshwater, Berlinwood, Southboards Zebra and Pizzies Professional among others. The prices vary a lot depending on the design and its rarity, but you will surely find one thar fits your fingers, style and budget.

Speaking about the parks and ramps you can also find many options, depending on the style that you like the most you may customize your own parks, it’s your opportunity to unleash your madness.






Learn some Fingerboarding tricks

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Ok old sport, you have everything you need to be the next fingerboard world champion and it’s time to learn some tricks. Getting started is going to be hard, there are many types of fingerboard tricks: flat and flips, grinds and slides and grabbing. The sky is the limit, all the tricks that you already know and even more are available for you to learn. You can start with the all-time classics such as the Ollies, Kickflips, Varials, 50-50`s or foot stomp but don`t stop there. If you want to be outstanding, you need to surpass your limits and add new tricks to your catalogue every day. Do not stop until you’re naming your own tricks.


Become a fingerboard master

All around the world there are many contests of fingerboarding. Fingerboarders and some brands organize championships where the best tricks are shown. It doesn`t matter where you are, just google fingerboarding and you will find an exhibition or contest near to you. Spain, USA, Germany, Japan and Mexico are just some of the countries where you can find events related to fingerboarding.

Tokyo 2020 will be the first Olympics’ with skateboarding as part of the event, but who knows, what if in a few years we also fingerboarding as part of the main carpet? Get ready maybe in few years you could also become an Olympic athlete.


Show up to your friends

In the meantime, play with your friend, show to them all those skills that you have with your hands. You can also upload your best tricks and park designs to Instagram (remember to tag us), Youtube or TikTok so all the fingerboarders in the world know about your fingerboarding skills.



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