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How to Clean Your Griptape Correctly


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It was a long day out there skating, you were performing as well as Tony Hawk, Leticia Buffoni or Chris Cole at their best… But guess what? Your skateboard is dirty as hell and it’s time to clean up that mess. In today’s SHIT® it’s time to get dirty as we will teach you how to wash the griptape. Take care of your board and it will take care of you, remember that!




Step 1: Get a Place and All the Stuff That You Need

It is going to be messy and nasty, make sure that you pick a place that can be shattered, you don’t want your mom troubling you because you smashed the dining table, also it’s important for you to pick a table that is stable and on which you can work comfortably. Besides that, you will need a brush, liquid detergent, towel paper and a hairdryer (Optional).


Step 2: Taking Off the Superficial Dirt

The first thing to do is to remove all dirt and dust that you can without using any soap, only with the brush and a few drops of water. This is important because if you don’t you might produce a mud that is a potential hazard for the tape on your board.






Step 3: Use Some Detergent…But Be Careful With The Amount

Once you removed the dust and superficial dirt from the griptape it’s time to use the liquid detergent, you don’t want to use much, so we recommend you just to tear down 2 or 3 drops on each part of your board. Start with a couple of drops on the nose, follow up with the middle and finish with the tail of the board. If you use too much it might take twice the time dying off. As many things in life it’s not about quantity but the quality.


Step 4: Brushing Until You Have Schwarzenegger’s Arms

Time to show up how strong you are dude. Moisten the brush and groom your griptape as hard as you can until you see foam. Make sure that all the tiny spots of dirt gets removed while you are in the process. Don’t be afraid of letting go of that Hulk inside of you, let it out champ, the results will be better if you really put some effort to it.


Step 5: Drying Off the Griptape

Okay dude, you have removed all the dirt from the griptape, the next step is to dry it off. The best way to do that is with a towel paper: the idea is to put the towels over the foam, afterwards you must use the brush and pressure it until you remove all the humidity from the griptape. You might want to repeat this step a couple of times until it is completely dried up. After you have removed the foam completely it is possible that you might find some air bubbles, but don’t worry about it. To fix it you just must push those until you see that the air is released.

Finally, you could use a hairdryer to remove the remaining humidity promptly. If you are in a hurry to skate again you could just leave it at sunny spot and it will be ready for use after only a couple of hours. Your board is now clean and tidy, and you are ready for action again!


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