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How to Choose Skateboard Wheels

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


The wheels of your skateboard will define the feeling and fluency of your performance while skateboarding. The type of skateboard wheels you choose will affect most of all the speed, how the ride feels and the riding style. Then, choosing the ride wheels will allow you to perform better. Aspects like size, edges and hardness are those to take into account, so here we explain how to choose well the right wheels!

The Skateboard Wheel’s Diameter

The skateboards wheels come in different sizes, but you usually will find them on a scale of millimeters that range between 50mm to 75mm. Small sizes are designed for slower rides because the deck is closer to the surface and you will require more effort to ride long distances.

skateboard wheels and trucks

On the other hand, wider sizes are designed to easily reach faster speeds, ride long distances and get more balance. It is also important to keep in mind your riding style and the kind of deck that you ride. Wider wheels make tricks more difficult but are perfect for cruisers or longboards, while smaller wheels are great for technical skateboarding.






Durometer: The Skateboard Wheels Scale of Hardness

Another aspect to take into consideration when choosing skateboard wheels is the hardness. To classify the hardness of the wheels two scales are used by the stores, also known as durometers. The A classification usually ranges from 75a to 100a+. In which, lower numbers represent softer wheels and higher numbers the hardest.

There is the less used B classification, which works the same but is 20 points fewer, for instance, an 80b wheel is almost the same as a 100a wheel. The hardness of the wheels will affect the riding comfort, because of the grip on the ground. It is very simple, soft wheels are perfect to slide and grind over rough surfaces like ramps because they have a better grip. They are commonly used to ride on streets and in downhill.

Skateboard wheels hardness and size
Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

The last aspect that matters about the skateboarding wheels is the edges, rounded edges slide better, while sharper ones grip better to the ground like in those used on longboards.

We really hope this guide will help you next time you are going to buy some new wheels. Choose what is better for your riding style, the distances you are going to travel and the spots you want to conquer. Keep skateboarding, let the adrenaline rise and show everyone the great SHITⓇ you can do!


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