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How To Buy Skateboard Gear Online

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Who said looks don’t matter? Looks DO matter and are a very important characteristic that sells not only the value of something but also gives you safety by grasping sincerely on to your attention; it’s a matter of presentation, just like when you’re introduced to someone and you want your looks to fit well with your discourse and personality. It can be a sincere act altogether. Happens in life, happens in the movies and happens in skateboarding. Have these next tips in mind before buying your skateboard hardware online.


Look at the Website Design

Here’s a thought experiment: Let’s say you’re going to buy yourself a brand-new deck, a new set of wheels or an original trademark gears or garments. Suppose you’re given two choices for purchasing any of those products: you have option A and option B. Option A is a company that displays all these products in its official webpage. Their products are original, made and manufactured by them and all they sell is branded with their signature and has a unique art and graphic style. The website is appealing and has a lot of content other than sales or bargains; it describes each product on stock meticulously and takes the time to explain who they are and what makes their products unique.






The Nature of the Product – It is not just a Product

Photo: Eric Tyler (Unsplash)

Option B is just the same but lacks two important things option A had: Website B is full of products without the brand’s name or signature and its content is just sale related stuff. Which one would you choose? You can bet that most people would choose option A, but surely option B could also have a decent number of customers. What people who chose option B tend to ignore is how critical this criterion is while choosing; even if B has lower prices than A and its precise function is selling good shit, B would fail both in his services and in its customers’ demands and sales rate by lacking a concern for presentation.

You can see how serious the salesman really is by seeing how much time and money he or she invested not only in the products for what they are, but also in how they are presented for you and others. That care is a safeguard and a guarantee all along, and it’s the ‘looks’ we are talking about, it’s the instinct and perception you should follow for selecting the right website and the right skateboarding company.


Save your Money by Purchasing the Best

The best doesn’t mean ‘better than…’ or ‘expensive’, it means that the product on sale has its own regime; its exclusive and it doesn’t depend on its relationship with other product from other company. Buying skateboard products is not like going to your local groceries store, you must inform yourself first on the company behind the products and the picture of themselves they sale along their products. A cheap price doesn’t mean necessarily a wise choice; that’s flawed.

The research can be made in blogs, news, contacts, pics, images or profiles that can be found in the very same website of the company. It the company offer those options in its dominion, then they’re most likely trying to talk to you and not just sell it to you. Remember that and you’re ready to go and make a wise choice both for your pocket and for yourself.

Appearances can be deceitful, yes, but also what really matters is in the inside, and that inside is overall the looks of the exterior gauged in.


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