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How To Become a Pro Skateboarder


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Your skills are at the top and everyone is telling you they see potential for you to attempt to go pro, and you’re so hyped with the idea of living from skateboarding that you start thinking about all the possibilities. But then you realize the awfull truth, you don’t know anything about being a pro skater. Don’t worry, and don’t trash that though yet. Beacuse here you will get to know what you need to know to be one.

An Ideal Age for Becoming a Professional Skateboarder Doesn’t Exist

Most skaters are young, and unfortunately at a young age it is difficult to understand the world of profesional skateboarding and know people that can guide you in the right direction. For feeling too young you may decide to wait a bit with really believing in your dream until you’re older, but aiming for that dream and for becoming a professional at a young age could bring you a lot of benefits.

Imagine that you’re really good at 14 years old, and then imagine just how much room for improvement you have untill you turn thirty. If you think that’s just crazy, remember american skater Nyjah Huston was 11 years old in his first X-Games, just saying.






Perseverance in Skateboarding Pays Off

preseverence in skateboarding really do pay off

There is a very important concept you will need to take to heart, consistency. If you want to be pro at something you have to do it time and time again in order to master it, and skateboarding is no exception. Try to attend every contest or event you know about, it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish well in all of them, but that experience can lead you to becoming a recognised professional faster than you think.


Professional Skateboarders Don’t Succeed Alone

Become a Pro Skateboarder by finding a coach

Of course you know that everything is easier when you’re not doing it all alone, and finding mentors and sponsorships could be an important thing, and you don’t need to try to get help from big enterprises at the beginning. It can be a skateboard shop near you or an enterprise that sells accesories for skateboarders, or even an interested family member who wants to support you.

So now you know the essentials to start developinog as a professional skater, if this is something you want to do you shouldn't allow yourself any excuses to not get at it and try to conquer this skateboarding planet, maybe you just need to take your abilities out into the world.


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