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How Skateboarding Influence Architecture

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Cities’ landscapes are transforming all around the world because skateboarding is on the move. As time goes by, the infrastructure of urban space is becoming more friendlier towards skaters, some of which are even recognized as a considerable part of the population in those cities that are slowly but surely rearranging its public structures, parks and street furniture. Architects nowadays are also trying to get a glimpse of the skaters perspective, as both now share a somewhat related but altogether common notion of space: they see it along buildings beyond one single intended purpose and the possibilities its designs can offer.


Space, Function and Movement

Photo: Tina Stephenson (Unsplash)

Architecture may have a different agenda depending on the purpose behind an area, the landscape and the functions of designs. For example if it’s a residential living space, a theme park, a government or a cultural building they each have their own set of rules and applications. Architects can picture a scenery and a map of the space to intervene and conceive a physical manifestation of their representation. Skaters first collide with the rigid part of this logic, for they question the one-nature utility of the structure and engage it in a manner restrained only by its spatial limitations.






Skateboarding then stresses to never forget in the structure equations both the constant movement and the public's intervention and usage of the space. The way skaters can see the space they wander with their decks and wheels has offered architects fresh views on how to apply dynamism and motion to their creations. Some of these structural proposals have been the use of waves as leading designs, slopes that resemble continuous flow and objects that counter the stiffness of certain parts of the building or its surrounding area.


Skateboarding Space Intervention in Cities


Many cities are experiencing the new movement of architects in favor of skateboarding space intervention. Most of them not only include parks and furniture that the community can use to their leisure but have also restructured zones inside the city that underwent a continuous skateboarding intervention. Barcelona, Berlin, Melbourne, Guangzhou, Brasilia and Copenhagen are currently some of those cities outside the US that have been developing the criteria of thinking and realizing both architecture and the skateboarding reality.

Skateboarding culture also is something that architects tend to have in mind, for the community keeps growing larger every day and hour, and more people are starting to focus on how they can intervene too from their own jobs and professions. Architecture+Skateboarding is a match but its just the beginning.


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