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How Skateboarding Helps Recover Forgotten Spaces

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skaters are not the most popular ones with civic authorities. They are sometimes seen as vandals or a danger to the public order and pure nonesense. They see a trouble of how skaters challange the real use of city spaces, which are controlled by civic and corporate interests. Authorities often see skaters as a community that take advantage of the public space and enjoying it for free. But this is not the case.


Skaters Making Every Place Better


Skaters have a very positive impact when it comes to cityscapes around the world, Lain Borden, a UCL profesor identified that skateboarding is being seen as a creative, challenging and healthy activity. Skateboarders builds confidence in every place they go, and it can battle addictions and bad habits like alcoholism and drug abuse. Skating is now more respectable and it forces cities to find places for them or create new ones. Also, skateboarders work as a social glue wherever they are, they have a sense of the local scene, heritage and culture that even non-skaters learn from them and see values they should have in their communities.






Social Values Within Skateboarding

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

Skate scenes are very sociable and they not only care what happens within them but also in their surroundings, creting projects to help the community and if theres a forgotten place in a city how to make them alive it again. When a cities authorities notice that a place are starting to be visited by lots of people they start to invest in the recovery of them, maybe even create some skate spots too. That is a good example on how skateboarding helps every place it touches.

New generations that don´t find any options in life can find them through skateboarding, changing their perception about the world and becoming motivated to do something with their lives. All of this because skateboarding doesn’t discriminate or criticise anyone. All are welcome and everyone help each other to be better, making the places better. So the next time you see a skate crew somewhere in your city, be glad, because they are creating community, and that is what cities need the most.


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