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How Mikey Taylor Became a Millionaire

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Mikey came to be a pro skateboarder around the 90s, in that season he was surrounded by managers and businesspeople in an environment where he met the guy who became his mentor and shared with him the knowledge to be autonomous and smart with his money.

As he says himself, he received great guidance from someone who taught him everything that he knows right now about money. And when he was 28, he turned into a millionaire. Currently, Taylor is a businessman, he has his own projects and connects all the ideas to increase the money of each investor.

To Mikey the concept of money is “a representation of your contribution to society” he added in his explanation that “if you can make somebody’s life easier, more enjoyable, you can make money. The amount of money you make is based on the number of people you help”.


He is a retired pro skateboarder as he excels on his TikTok profile, a platform where he has been doing content for his community. He is also co-founder of Saint Archer Brewery and Commune Capital.

His Tik-Tok content is full of motivational messages and among those videos his family is represented as well. He showed what his daughter, who is a kid, thinks about financial terms and the message is clear, if you have some money, don’t spend it, invest it.

Taylor loves to share his ideas and to be a guide to each person who get interested in them. Most of his videos are about to find an opportunity in each crisis and highlight the value of what you are doing with your money, but to get it, there are some things that you should do first.






Train Your Mind Every Day

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The majority of us make our money from earned income. We have a specific job or we may be self-employed, but at the end of the day, we have to exchange time for money. . . Not only are we exchanging our time for money, but in this category, we are also being taxed at the highest rate. So essentially, we give up even more time when you consider that you are giving back a lot of the money you just made to taxes. This is why the rich don’t like earned income... . . The one argument against this: When you enjoy what you’re doing for work, it doesn’t feel like you’re sacrificing time because you enjoy it! Find something you enjoy and then focus on creating the other two types of income!!! . . The full video is on our YouTube page! #InvestTogether #financialfreedom #financialliteracy #investing #wealth @communecapital

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The power to control what we think is what helps us to be where we are and is something that Mikey believes too. If we change our negative thoughts like “I can’t do it, I have to, I can’t afford it” and change them to possibilities, we will start to see differences.

You will need to be committed to training your brain, provide it precious information, and take action for the changes that you want. There are some books that Taylor recommends to read or hear like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Great by Choice written by Jim Collins, Influence a psychology book by Robert Cialdini, The Art of War a Chinese book by Sun Tzu and Principles by Ray Dalio.

With some training activities, you will be able to control your emotions too. Like skateboarding, our fears will make us fall and make mistakes, so if we are able to control how we feel we will be able to be successful as well. “Learning how to control your emotions, making decisions based on strategy, not fear” said Mikey on his Tik-Tok account.

Mikey Taylor inspired a lot of people skateboarding through all his season as a pro and still do. He always has been a persistent person in each purpose he put on himself and it is really gratifying to see him right now, proving his skills as a businessman and having success with it. As he says, “your future should be your priority”.



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