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Hawaiian Skateboarder Evan Mock's Dream Life As a Model

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.

Evan Mock is a 22 years old skateboarder from the surfing capital of the world, Haleiwa. At the age of 2 years, before he learned how to swim, his father pushed him into his first wave, and when he was 11 years old he started to skate and noticed how good he was at it.

To Evan, extreme sports are his favorites, like going swimming with sharks, skydiving, surfing and most of the time just go skate. He started to make a name for himself through Instagram, because of his viral skate videos in the Haleiwa’s skateparks.

One of them was when he greets some guy named Frank without knowing that he was Frank Ocean, who uploaded the video to his personal account of him skating in Banzai Rock Skatepark and the video ending up getting more than 2 million views, making Evan known to new people and brands.

Also in skateboarding, he's made a great loop in switch and natural and many more tricks that you can find on his page. As The Nine Club says, he isn’t a poser and he can do whatever he wants even if some people disagree with it.

Evan started on his successful road in 2019 and in just a year his community has been expanding, not just because of skateboarding but also because of his modelling career. He has been showing skateboarding to new audiences and introducing it into new places.

He is living in a different way, far away from the stereotypes and of how many people view skateboarding and that's probably what makes him special. “My favorite thing about myself is maybe, being able to adapt to multiple different groups of friends and cultures and places”, said Mock in an interview for Calvin Klein, one of the brands that support him.

Mock’s Career is Just Starting

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all i can say is imma @lorraineschwartz boiiiii

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Mock continues growing as a model, he has been increasing his followers on the internet, with an account that exceeds 400 thousand followers on Instagram. He also got the attention of good managers and business owners who recognized his work.

He has begun to live a dream life that came true when he started to collaborate on promotional campaigns with Louis Vuitton and Alyx. Later other brands started to get interested in his talent as a model and invited him to fashion events that he never thought he would have the chance to attend.

“This season he was front row at Prada, Off-White, Dior, Loewe and Lanvin, and attended parties for a new Ugg shoe and GQ magazine. “I never in my life had the opportunity to go to events and get paid for it,” Mr. Mock said. ‘How ridiculous is that? It’s such a funny thing, like, you want me there that bad?’” highlighted the New York Times in an interview with Mock.

It was a crazy year for him and he recognizes it, “I felt uncomfortable a lot last year because everything was very new to me, but I’m starting to get the hang of it” said the star in a Calvin Klein interview.

He recently appeared in projects for Aldo and Paco Rabanne fragrances but he also enjoys working on his own projects like Sorry Advance and collaborating with Saint Laurent with the entire production and cast of the new collection, as well Drew House and Justin Bieber’s streetwear line.

Mock said to Vogue that he aspires to keep reinventing himself whenever he wants and as well as go against feminine and masculine stereotypes stating that “you can do whatever the fuck you want!”.

And for NYT he expressed his interest to put all his significant photos in a book to always remember the crazy things that have happened in his life “like a photo journal” he said.

Home Is Also Important To Mock

Even if he is starting to be known, have visited a lot of cities around the world and continue modeling for expensive brands, Evan loves his family and friends more than anything, and if he can choose a place to stay out out of any place in the world it would be his home in Haleiwa, where he feels comfortable and complete.

“What keeps me grounded is going back to Hawaii, seeing my family, seeing my friends, eating Hawaiian food, listening to the Hawaiian music. Skateboarding also keeps me grounded, that’s a huge one, are you kidding me, if you’re in a bad mood just go slam on the pavement for like three hours”, said the skateboarder in an interview to Calvin Klein.

While some people disagree with his career, he knows who he is and what kind of friends he has beside him, supporting everything he decides to do, “that’s why you have friends” he said. He thinks that people shouldn't be validated because of their clothes or what they like to do. In addition, he says that if there is a good opportunity he will take it.

To Evan it is important to value the passion of someone who is fighting for their dreams: “If you have a talent and you know it, and you have passion for something that you think is cool or something you’ve always wanted to do” to him that kind of person is authentic and is worth it.

Even if you sometimes have doubts about yourself, it's time to value all the people that support you, it will be a good push to start believing in yourself. That’s what this is all about, to confront the negative comments, fight for what you believe, and work hard to succeed at any of your goals.

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still can’t manual🤦🏽

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