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Hate Crime: Skater Girl Run Over By Car

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Bri is a skater girl from the US who loves skateboarding, recording entertainment videos for social media and helping people who were or are being bullied, she is still a believer that the world outside could be better for everyone.

Unfortunately, last Sunday after she finished her skate session and was going home “she witnessed an old man make eye contact and proceeded to run her over with his minivan. Even worse, he dragged her for half a block. Because of this intentional attack, Bri’s life has been significantly impacted”, said @thatcalicrys in a GoFundMe page, where all Bri's friends and family are asking for donations.



These abuses are still happening because of the indifference, lack of empathy, xenophobia, racism, intolerance, prejudice and many more reasons that aren’t helping this world improving.






It isn’t the first time when an outrage like this happens to people who don’t deserve it, unless people are doing something that truly is wrong, they deserve to be treated with respect and tolerance. Bri is now in the hospital with a broken pelvis and severe burns, she can't move and her family is devastated for what happened, but also they have become closer than ever, including with the skateboarding community.

Bri actively participates in different causes like Black Lives Matter and, with all of this, she is collaborating with a new initiative called Woman’s Skate Safety that is on hold. “Bri is a genuinely kind-hearted and talented person who always champions others. In fact, before the assault, Bri spent her free time collecting and donating skate gear for newbie skaters being bullied online” expressed the note on the donations page.

Her closest friends and family are asking for donations to cover things like medical expenses, rehab to be able to walk again, loss of wages due to her now inability to teach, rent, groceries and some other stuff. The campaign is called “Support Community Leader Healing Due to Hate Crime”.

In addition, some brands like @ProperGnar and @GlobeSkate got together to help Bri’s recovery, but also the LGBTQIA community and skateboarders community. If anyone wants to help her, they can contact @ThatCaliCrys on Instagram, her entire family is really grateful for the support.

Today Bri is getting into another surgical procedure and all she needs is good wishes and if anyone wants to help but can't donate money, they may share the information to get more people helping the cause and learning about what Bri had to go through in this situation.

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