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How Skateboarding Is Influencing Culture Worldwide

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skateboarding has been surpassing its own expectations since the last century, and is now a thing for anyone, anywhere. Nowadays it is not only a thing about punk-rockers or underground rebels, who of course still are very important to the culture.


Skating Is Not Just Riding


As you have seen in our past articles skaters have been achieving many things in photography, film, art and so on. Areas that no one would think at the time were going to be influenced by skating. Skate has even been important in serious matters like gender equality, community, professionalism and heritage. You may think that it is just normal that skateboarding makes an impact wherever it can. But to some people that only know the white teenage skater stereotype (in my opinion a ridicolous thing) might not know that skaters today can be anything from asian hipsters, black entreperneurials, strong skate girls, old people or anything in between that you can imagine.






Skateboarding Without Limits

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

 The spots have also diversified. The word skatepark is now such a relative thing because now skateboarding can be done anywhere, in your house, on the streets, on ladders, buildings, churches, you name it. People even make their own skate ramps now, bringing more and more ideas to skateboarding spots. When it comes to skate shops, we cannot deny that mainstream brands have taken a huge bite of the cake of the scene. Nevertheless, there are lots of independent shops that breathe pure skateboarding air, knowing the most important thing is not the profits you make but the reasons why you are doing it.

People start skating for several reasons and it doesn’t matter what those reasons are, everyone can feel accepted in this culture that is always trying to break every barrier it encounters. Wherever you are, skating can let you to have a free spirit, to know that you are not alone and be calm that this culture is far from extinct. Skateboarding has taken over the world and we can be proud of being part of the global revolution.


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