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Girl Skate In Argentina: Our Interview With Victoria Druetta

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Her first encounter with skateboarding was at 9 years old, she used to skate with his closest friends, at that time there were almost no skateparks, so Druetta learned her first tricks on a flat surface. At the age of 13, Victoria or Vicky, as she likes to be called chose to stop practicing skateboarding because of negative comments from people close to her.

While growing up, fate put the sport in front of her again, and in 2017 with the appearance of a new skatepark in her city, she resumed her lifestyle on the skateboard and since then they have not separated from it again. "I realized that I did not care about the negative comments, I always have a lot of fun and that it is what really makes me happy", said Druetta in an exclusive for SHIT Magazine.


I’m My Own Competitor

Victoria has participated in several competitions at the national level and in her province, in which she has repeatedly held the top positions. However, in the competitions her greatest foe is herself, always seeking to outdo herself.

"I do like competing, more than anything else, much because I see my progression over time. When I compete I feel nervous on different occasions but with great happiness to get to share this with more girls who are from other provinces or cities and it's super awesome, and when it comes to competing I feel completely focused” she tells us. 

The support of the family has been essential in her process and she stresses that they have always been there to support her, this leads her to remember her father's words: "Persevere and you will achieve. Every time I fail a new trick or something like that, he emphasizes it to me”. To Vicky, her father's words have a lot of influence on her and that motivates her to become a better skateboarder.

In Argentina, the female skateboarding scene is constantly growing, among the most anticipated events of the year are the championships that Empilar Skate helds such as the “October Fest” and “Semana Chanta”. Also internationally recognized events with the Girls Invasion Girls and, worth mentioning, the CCS, which is the “Cordoba Skate Circuit”, where she has been crowned champion. 





The Passion For Skateboarding Has To Be Share

When you are part of the skate world there will always be skaters to admire and who will influence you as a skateboarder, for this reason, for Druetta, in Argentina the girls who inspire her the most are Natalia Sanchez, the manager of Empilar Skate, “I admire her a lot for everything she does for women's skateboarding everywhere”. Skaters like Melisa Ruiz or Alda Bertran, "I really like how she walks, and after I met her, it was like meeting my idol."

Within her aspirations as a skater and as a Bachelor of Physical Education student, Vicky longs to create a skateboarding school in her city and, like her friend Natalia, wants to be part of the processes that promote female skateboarding and in general teaching skateboarding to anyone who wants it. "I want to be like Nate, to be able to follow something like what she is doing, I also want to be a skate teacher and form a school here in my city to encourage female skateboarding and in general" added Druetta.

Victoria thinks that female skateboarding in Argentina needs to be more equal, because until very recently there was too much inequality, not only in the awards but also in their treatment, the skate community did not take girls into account. "So in the future I would like there to be spaces for boys and girls and that there are no differences" she mentioned while acknowledging the work done by the Women's Skateboarding Organization in Argentina, even though it will be a long time before girl skaters stop feeling left out.

Finally, the Cordovan skateboarder wanted to invite all the girls who want to start in this sport or who have been practicing it for a while to not give up, "don't let yourself be knocked down by negative comments" Here Victoria refers to being judged for not having the level that others expect, "from my point of view all the time you are progressing, even if you don't realize it, and it is normal to feel stagnant, but if we dedicate ourselves, we give it continuity and we persevere, we will go as far as we want”.

In this way, the interview with Victoria Druette concludes, and leaves a very important message for the skateboarding scene in general, that it continues to encourage sport, it’s culture, it’s art and that we do not stop trying as many times as necessary, all in order to fulfill our goals as skaters.


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Victoria Druetta July 11, 2020

Thanks a lot for giving me the space to expres myslef!

Nat July 11, 2020

A tear in my eyes is falling down while I’m reading about girls like Vicky, who are fighting against the world to finally get their goals. I really admire that and I’m super happy to see Shitmagazine is showing us the entire world because there is a “Victoria in every city trying to reach her goal so hard” !!! Cheers for all those strong girls skating all around the globe !!!

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