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Franky Villani: Skateboarding Youngblood

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Stance: Regular
Age 24
Instagram: @frankyvillani

He has been referred to many times by other skateboarders as one of the nicest guys they have skated with, he stands out due to his mellow personality and his resistance when it comes to doing tricks, he is basically the one of the bunch that will attempt the trick that no one in the crew dares to and will keep on trying until he lands it no matter how many times he slams his ass to the ground!

He has been skating for a while now and has worked alongside skateboarding companies like Primitive, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder, Leftover Hardware, Garage Skateshop, New Balance Numeric, Bones Swiss, MOB Grip, Bumbag, Dickies and more.

His style is particular in the fact that he never gives up when trying a trick but his main goal is to have fun while doing it! He is always up to hit the road and visit and discover the coolest spots in the US, he got in the industries radar after appearing in the opening part in New Balance’s Numeric’s video, Tricolor if you haven't already seen it, please do and you will know why we think of this guy as we do!






Villani and New Balance

He has currently released several signature model decks and even has his own kicks with New Balance called the Franky Villani Pro Court 213 Mid Shoes.
He mentions in an interview with SOLO magazine how he got to get his own NB kick:

“Randomly, I went on a camping trip and Levi [Brown] was there and we became kind of homies after that. And then, randomly, he messaged me later on asking me if I got shoes from anyone. And I didn’t. He would just ask me if I would like some New Balance shoes and I said, “Yeah, thank you.” But I never thought I would get on the team, you know? I thought it was just like, “Oh cool, I get hooked up with some shoes.” I don’t even know how that happened, like being fully on”

Villani’s Aim To Uniqueness

He is also a big supporter of clear and color grip tape which is something most old school dudes wouldn't even consider and sometimes even frown upon but he is his own self and claims that back grip tape is just boring and that he feels more hyped to skate if he sees SHIT® he likes on the board under his feet.

He has worked alongside Graphic Mob grip tape which has a wide variety of color and transparent grip tape so you can customize your deck at your liking! We fully support this dude's decision to not be afraid of having his preferences clear and as we always say, do your SHIT® the way you like it!

We are pretty sure we will be hearing more on this dude in the future as he is the new wave of skateboarders that are breaking in in the global ranking charts and we will be there to cover everything when SHIT® goes down!


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