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Feeling Old? How To Get Back Into Skateboarding

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


There are some skaters that for different reasons take a long break from skateboading, we are talking about years. Then, the feeling of wanting to skate again overpowers you but you think it would be extremely hard to get back in the game. Well, actually it isn’t, of course it wouldn’t be like your first years, but its not impossible.


Skating Again is a Process

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You will need to take it slow in the beginning, and you need to get comfortable again on top of the board. Warming up could help you a lot, you may not be as flexible as you once were and do the same exact things, but there is no rush to attack the hardest tricks right away. You will start to notice that skateboarding never left your soul, and even ask yourself why you didin’t pick it up sooner. Life passes and unless you really live it, a lot of things can happen that didn’t allow you to really continue. The thing is that if you want to go back there is no one that can stop you.

Also you will see that the competitive mind you had before is not as strong anymore, the responsabilities you may have with a family, job, etc, make you a more precautious person. You may allow yourself to take some risk but you might feel like it is necessary for you to not go absolute hardcore. You are not ready yet and your body is not the same, if you have gained some weight throughout the years you might also more easily get injured. Accidents will happen even if you take it slow, but just ride and do the basic stuff.






The Skateboard Also Gets Old

One important thing to take into consideration is which skateboard you are going to use. It is possible you have kept your old skateboard and want to give it a try, but before that there are some things you should check first. Inspect the bearings and clean them. The nuts and bolts must be tight, if not, the wheel could fly off while riding and you can imagine the crash (with your now extremely old body, just kidding). The deck must not have any cracks or delamination. And at last, the bushings needs to be changed if they are dry or squished. The other possibility is that your skateboard is just a piece of junk because of its bad state, in that case you should buy a new one.

You may be in your 30s, 40s or 50s but that doesn’t matter at all if you still have the passion for skating. It still will be fun for you to go out and ride, and if some annoying kid tells you that your old or something like that, well fuck them, the only thing that matters is that you want to skate again and it isn't an impossible goal. So go check your board or buy a new one, and hit the skatepark one more time.




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