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Fancy Lad: An Ode to Creativity

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Creativity in skateboarding is something very much appreciated by skaters and fanatics in the industry because it triggers a bunch of new ideas to roll around and jump in. So, when we catch on someone who makes an obstacle course out of a random place where no one would see a spot to skate, we get thrilled and obsessed with it. That is the case with Fancy Lad: An American collective of around thirteen ingenious skaters that find weird spots to skate on their own random materials build-up boards and show us how to succeed at life.


Skating On Any Possible Surface

We’ve seen the Fancy Lad crew land tricks on both conjoined and sliced boards, and even on computer screens; they use fences, tires, stems, and mattresses to set up their tricks. And God, they’re elaborated! These guys are not about just jumping a big set of stairs, nor only sliding through a rail, they take it to another level because of their constant invention and exploration of new gimmicks to have fun with and spend the time to. Visiting their videos is something that you need to do eating pop-corn with one hand and taking notes with the other: pure jaw-dropping SHIT.

The people from this crew is always jumping from one place to another, breaking a lot of stuff, throwing things in the air, and laughing out loud with themselves while changing the skateboarding guidelines –if there were any at all–. By seeing them, we can all conclude that skating is really for everyone in a much wider way than we all thought and that we don’t even need a board to do it because all that we need is to be fearless and set-minded to have a good time, we can find the rest anywhere in the world.







Humor and Good References Are The Fuel

Their sense of humor is portrayed in things like the way they grab samples from movies, series, or TV commercials and mix them with various gags in their video parts along with very inventive and funny edition skills that remind us of the B-rated movies from the last decade. That look is something provided also by the fact that they still use tapes to record their shots, which grants them a very rare VHS and vintage aesthetic that becomes an essential component in all of their material.

So, you can see on the screen that the way they relate with each other is as chill as it is hilarious, and that’ll make you want to become friends with them (or at least, that was what happened to us). It always seems like they know how to have a blast while skating and how to exploit every single location and elemnt to their favor: These people are nuts and we love them. Check them out through their website, listening to their podcast here, and on their YouTube channel here, it is pretty much up to date with their latest and gnarliest moments.

Peace out!


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