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Explore Crete: The Skateboarding Pearl Of The Mediterranian

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


From its weather, its food, and skate friendly locals, Crete stands out as one of the gems of skateboarding of Greece. Many refer to the island as a skateboarders playground and paradise, in a 2017 video shot by Redbull accompanying the adventure of pro skaters Chris Haslam, Max Kruglov, Dima Rodionov, Sierra Fellers and guided by local legend Giorgio Zavos who took the crew out on an adventure of finding the most aesthetically pleasing skating spots and overall perfection of the island, they actually refer to this trip as one of the most successful skateboarding trips and although it sounds kinda crazy they also claim that there was “too much skating” and “too many perfect spots”, can you imagine that?!


Eleftherias Square

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

One of the most recommended spaces for a good warm-up, Eleftherias Square, a big plaza with plenty of flat grounds to ride on, lots of small curves and steps to jump and grind from. The goal in Crete for you should be to scout and look for spots to skate in, as we mention there is plenty of them and you just have to choose which ones are you dare to skate but this particular plaza is one of the most recommended by pro skaters that visit Crete.






Chris Haslam, professional skateboarder from Canada sponsored by companies such as Independent trucks and Bones wheels, mentions that the best way to find spots in Crete is to drive around. He states that just looking out the window and imagining the possibilities, you can come up with pretty sick spots, he mentions that apart from signature spots, checking out deep in the little villages in the inlands you can find amazing rails and downhill spots if you like some speed.


Skateboarding Friendly Locals

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

As you may have noticed by now, there are no skateparks in Crete so it is only focused on street skateboarding, however, this is exactly why skateboarders from around the world seek out Crete. Going back to the roots of street skateboarding without the concerns of having an old lady throwing a bucket of water to your head or being chased by the cops. This is one of the biggest benefits of the island you are not going to encounter with many issues at the time of skating with police or locals, you could actually get some cheers if you can pull off some sick SHIT!




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