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Eric Koston: Jester and SB Shoe Guru

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It should be clear as a deep blue sky, skateboarding is a lot of things but it should never forget its main purpose: we do it because its fun and we enjoy it! All of a sudden, Eric Koston’s voice pops out of nowhere and shouts: ‘Do a kickflip!’. The man who founded Fourstar Clothing, former member of the Girl Distribution Company, an elite skater of team Nike SB, multiple X Games champion and lord of The Berrics is there to remind us what we’re all about when we grab the deck and tie the lace of our shoes.


Lords Of The Berrics

The_Berrics_Pro_SkaterPhoto: Eric Tyler (Unsplash)

Together with fellow pro skater Steve Berra, Koston is the de facto owner of The Berrics Skateboard Facility (HQ in L.A.) and website, where the duo of viceroys manages an indoor skate park-arena and recruit people to take awesome footage of their skills, and to train any kind of style. The idea behind The Berrics is precisely the standards by which Koston lives to this day: never take the fun out of skateboarding and make it a part of your everyday life. The Berric’s official Youtube channel for example has a series called ‘Do a kickflip!’, where Koston and other skaters hit the roads of California looking for bystander skaters to challenge them to perform a kickflip. If the skater kickflips he or she will be rewarded with official goodies and gears from Koston’s Nike SB personal series.






Koston has been described as one of funniest, outgoing and caring pro skaters out there, but most importantly, even though his charisma and personality are that of a joker and jester who feeds on people’s laughs, the seriousness that his work displays is completely astonishing and may contrast with his antics. But as a comedian would say: making people laugh for real is the hardest of jobs. That’s how Koston works since 2007 with The Berrics and had since a major motivation to impart to other skaters in the community. Lesson in life can be hard, but also can draw a smile on someone’s face.


All About Skateboarding Shoes

Need help with your next pair of shoes or do you need expert advice? Then you should consider having a word with Koston for he is regarded as a footwear sage and has proven his affection for skateboarding shoes for more than a decade. His personal collection is one of the biggest out there and takes very seriously how important is to have the right shoe for your style.

He is always taking on intense checks on each pair of shoes released by Nike SB. His main preoccupation is to have his name printed on products that excels its and his limitations; the very best must always have hardworking development behind it, and Koston doesn’t rest until all is good and neat as his shoe’s series.



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