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DIY Skateboarding: How To Put Together a Skateboard Kit

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


As the old wise saying goes: don’t forget to protect yourself! Skateboarding means as we know a whole package of stuff both material and nonmaterial. You got your passion, your skills, your style and personality. When it comes to the nonmaterial, which by the way is to say the least, the most important thing in your whole skateboarding being. But you got to have your material stuff along with you also, for what kind of skater is one without his or hers skateboard. So how do you properly assemble all your shit? What are the things you as a skateboarder always need to have at hand in case of a predicament? Bear with us and stick around to see how to stick together your own personal skateboard all-purpose kit!


The All-In-One Skate Tool

Photo: Eric Tyler (Unsplash)

 Even without a kit you got to have some pockets with you. One of those pockets should at least hold for you at any time an all-in-one T tool for your board. The tool’s main purpose is to use it on your board’s wheels and trucks. Say one of your board’s wheels is getting loose in the middle of the street or you just want to change your wheel set, then all you got to do is use your T skate tool to tighten up or to loosen them and then remove them. One of the ends of the T is smaller than the other, that’s the one for wheels. For your trucks you need the bigger one and the one at the end of the longer segment in order to tighten or unscrew them from your deck. Most of this all-in-one skate tool comes also in its insides with a mini screwdriver and an Allen wrench, which you will need also for screwing the truck into the deck.

This is like the swiss knife of skateboarding, ideal for surviving the wilderness all by yourself. Do not forget it at home, is dangerous to go outside without it!






Wheels, Trucks, Helmet and Pads

The longer you continue skateboarding the more of a habit it should be carrying a backpack everywhere you go. In that backpack you should have all your shit ready to go if any circumstance arises. An unused set of wheels must be in standby, because fun fact you’ll not go far without wheels on your board. Say for example your deck could take a fall or your weight while performing, the trucks may break or will start to decay until their doom becomes a countdown. Some extra truck should then come in handy.

Even though you may skip your helmet, elbows and knees pads sometimes, you should have them ready with you in your survival kit especially if you're attempting a trick that require time both riding and falling. You can ollie and even kickflip without your protective gears, but say you’re going to attempt vert in a ramp, half pipe or bowl; the risk and level of expertise for those tricks increase drastically and it would be a naught to try them without safety. You could, but don’t, what you got to loose other than an injury or a hospital bill.

It could also come in handy to stuff your bag with water and maybe a first aid kit in your skateboarding backpack kit to disinfect any scratch or cut that most likely you’ll suffer. Keep your powder dry and your rubbers on always!



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