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DIY Skateboarding: How to Make a Skateboard Hanger Rack

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Most of times that a full-grown skater has committed years training in his or her abilities, it’ll become a habit to collect different types of decks with different styles of different brands. Before you realize it your room will be filled to the brim with boards all over the floor, leaning against the walls or abandoned and unseen inside the wardrobe. The solution to this is a skateboard rack, a hanger for your boards that can hold them in any order you may see fit. But say you’re saving money and want to experience doing if yourself. Here’s a quick tutorial of how to get started:


Do It Yourself Skateboard Hanger Rack: Choose Your tools, Material and The Design

Notch template skateboard rack do it yourself

You can use plywood, MDF, or dimensional lumber for your two pieces of plank. Then you must choose the dimensions that you see fit for your personal design; the aesthetics of it can only be limited by your own imagination. You must choose its looks: angles and number of slots. The best way to achieve this is by making a template for the notch (45° angle and roughly 2 inches is a standard measurement). This will help you in placing every slot along the plank. Remember that you need two slots per board, separated horizontally by roughly 18 inches, and a good distance between each of them vertically, 7 to 8 inches would do the trick.






Remember to leave a notch for the edge at the end of the plank in order to lay flat on the ground and against the wall and maybe tape the superior edges to avoid damaging the wall carpet or just cut them to be parallel to your wall. Once the notches are marked and well placed, you’ll need to cut them. For cutting this type of shape, we suggest a router and a sander.

Do it yourself skateboard rack for your skateboarding decks

Once this is done, you’re pretty much golden. You can smooth the edges, cavities and slots as much as you like to give it a better appearance and make it be friendlier to your decks’ griptape. For sticking the two planks together permanently, if you have decided an absolute length you will never regret, you can use wood support beams that cross both sides of the planks horizontally. Think of it as a sort of ladder structure.

This is pretty much it! That will make a nice and not too shabby attempt for your very first handmade skateboard rack. The paint job and skateboards to be fit we will leave them to you.


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