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How To Film Your Own Skate Parts and Sessions

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


There is nothing cooler than seeing a skater pull off amazing stuff, whether it is a big jump, a sick trick or a complicated flip on camera. Almost every skater wants to film tricks, skate sessions, parts, tutorials and share them so everyone sees their habilities on top of the board. This sounds very easy, like just taking your phone and record, right? But if you want to have a really good film session, then questions starts to appear, what is really the right equipment? Which are the best possible angles? How do I edit? Here you will read the necessary tips for making the sickest films you can.


First of All, Get the Proper Equipment

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

You might not have a huge budget, so we recommend you to look for a Mini-DV camera. This is one of the most cost-effective and high-quality cameras that are easy to use. It records digitally to tape with a quality high enough, besides, the tapes are easy to store. Just make sure you have a Firewire 400 port on your computer. Mini DVs should also use LP mode, this will give you maximum quality.
To give you an idea, small Panasonic or Sony camcorder usually cost between $300 and $500. The most popular Mini-DV’s cameras among skaters are the Sony premiums. A professional-quality option can be the Sony vx1000, vx2000 or vx2100, but they are more expensive and if you are a beginner this type of cameras are just too much. Don’t forget backups, you don’t want to be out of battery or missing a great shot just because of that. For keeping both the skater and the obstacle in the frame, fisheye lenses are the best. They maximize the width of the field of vision, and also helps smaller objects appear somewhat larger. With this lense you will look pretty cool on camera.

Now we are missing the last essential thing, a basic video editing software. You can use free editing programs which are available for free, such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and Avidemux, giving you high-quality videos without being such an expert. Now, if you want some more professional options then you can download Final Cut Pro or VideoStudio Pro.






Time To Start Filming


You may be the designated camera-person, if that’s the case you must be very focused on your own skating, it doesn’t matter who you are filming or how many skaters you are filming. If you fall the video could get ruined, so focus on your board and balance.

When you are filming others the only important thing is to skate smoothly and follow the other guys. Stay out of the way of their tricks whether you are standing still or skating align with the people you are filming, you cannot become an obstacle of the video shoot, so find a good spot to not mess the session up. There are a lot of ways to film, but you are the one who chooses the angles, the way you want to edit it, and the shots you want to keep. Because at the end of the day is going to be your video, and it needs to come out how you like it.

So now you know, what is necessary for you to get some really cool shots. Now go out with your friends or by yourself and try these tips, we promise you that you will have pretty sick videos to show everyone or keep as memories, whatever the case may be, just keep skating and recording.




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