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DIY Skateboarding: How To Make Your Own Skate Wax

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


You may be the kind of skater that use a lot of wax. It's possible to aquire it in skate shops or order it online. But in case you want to make your own we're going to tell you exactly how to do it, is really easy and you won’t have to be searching for wax anymore.

A basic wax can be made from candles or crayons in the oven (or in a stove, that depends entirely on you). When you have more practice with it you could pass to use raw parafine and beeswax, these would give you a better wax quality. This will cost a lot less than buying it in a store so don’t be lazy and do it yourself, it might just be worth it.


Step 1: Low Temperature is Key

Coffee from shit skateboard company

In other words, not hot like this cup of coffee you'll enjoy before starting on this project. First you will need the oven to warm up for 5 minutes while you prepare the wax. The melting point is not too high so keep a low temperature. Preheat it to about 66°C, if your oven doesn’t have heat options, then just leave it on the lowest. Of course there exists different types of wax but you don’t need to heat it to more than 82°C, trust us.






Step 2: Wax Preparation

Take some candles you don’t need or a pack of crayons. Slice them up and try to keep them the same size. Take out any wick or wrapper you find on them. The smaller the pieces, the easier they will be to work and will also melt much faster. If your candles are made of parafine it will just perfect for this. Cake baking bowls are perfect to use. If you are going to make a lot of wax, put some wax in another bowl so it doesn’t spill. Then, pour 1 teaspoon of cooking oil, this will help the wax to be smoother and easier to scrub on the board, but not too many or it well get to soft.

Melt the wax for about 10 minutes. When it melts completely, take the container out so it doesn’t overheat. Stir it a little bit so everything mix properly and then put the bowl in the refrigerator so it can cool overnight. Pop the wax out of the bowl and you are ready to use it, if it is difficult to take it out with your fingers use the help of a knife.

So there you have it, the way to not waste money on wax again. The only thing left to do is go outside and try it out. We hope this has been helpfull for all of you and that you don’t get wax problems anSign up for Free Magazine Updates Hereymore.




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