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Delfino Sibs In Charge!

By Paula Osorio.
Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Born in Miami, Fabiana and Pedro Delfino got used to doing a lot of things together as they were growing up. Even before they were 10, they became interested in skating. At first, Fabiana followed Pedro on her rollerblades while her brother was riding a skateboard, and then, she would film him doing tricks, going from one place to the next with their friends. Time has gone by and many things have happened since. Each one of them has traveled on different paths but to the same destination. The becoming huge pro skaters carrying their family flag. Today, we’re going to take a look at what these two siblings have been through so that we can understand the people they have become.


Pedro’ Style


From a very young age, skateboarding aroused a deep interest in Pedro. He lived with his family in Boca Raton, FL and he would visit the local skatepark with his friends, and sometimes with his sister. They skated for several hours most days trying to improve their moves.  At first, it all seemed like a hobby, a way to pass the time after school, but as his style got better, his career began to grow. Pretty soon he got his first sponsor, Island Water Sports, a local shop where he used to hang out and meet up with other kids who also skated. The support he received during the early years helped strengthen his versatility. He didn’t only practice in parks, but he was now also exploring the many possibilities that the street could offer him.


As his skating improved, he began to participate in tours and videos for various brands, but his parents did not see this favorably. Due to their conservative ways (a traditional Venezuelan family), they didn’t see skateboarding as something you could build a career from. However, after gaining a lot of experience, Pedro showed them that consistency and persistence could take him anywhere no matter what he applied this to.  He gained a lot of recognition from his peers’ thanks to his skillfulness doing long boardslids on kinked rails, grinding over big hubbas, and releasing increasingly daring videos. These days, he’s part of the Deathwish team, he was on the cover of  Thrasher in 2018 and ran for the 2020 Skater of the Year. He’s currently being sponsored by VANS, Bronson, Independent Trucks, Spitfire, MOB, and a couple of other skate brands that won’t stop believing in his talent.






Fabiana’s Rules


Similar to what happened with her brother, Fabiana also had to deal with the same resistance from her parents in her early years of skateboarding. But thanks to the fact that Pedro had already been through it and Fabiana had shown her exceptional board skills, they started to enjoy their children’s achievements and proudly celebrate their passion.

After taking a lot of SHIT® and mockery from people who didn’t believe in her when she was just a kid, Fabiana learned to stand strong and proved everyone wrong by leaving them ‘wowed’ when she got on her board. The first sponsor Fabiana ever had was Mimi Knoop’s Hoopla Skateboards, and they were a crucial part of her career because they gave her the support she needed to keep going. They soon realized that she was not afraid of falling, a very important skill that every skater should have. She could get slammed really hard and she wouldn’t care, she’d just get back up and keep trying until she got it right with the smooth style that characterizes her.


Fabiana has made a lot of appearances in several important videos and movements within the industry which in turn opened new doors for her. She performed for Vans’ “Credits” and is part of the “Vanguards” group from the same company. Fabiana is sponsored by various brands that also support her brother such as VANS, MOB, Independent Trucks, and Spitfire. However, she also has sponsorships from Bones Bearings, Monster Energy, and her main promoter Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Tell us, what do you think of Fabiana’s and Pedro’s style? Have you seen their amazing clips online? If not, you should really go and check them, you will be crazy stoked! Enjoy and see you around.


Peace out!

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