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Danny Way: Surfing The Sky

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Some skateboarders may shred the streets and concrete of metallic cities, some may even tame the waves and walk across the seas; but there’s just one of them that can ride the clouds up into the skies and return being earthbound like if he was heaven-sent. That man is Danny Way, the man who on several occasions has broken the height barrier, achieving with his legendary jumping new records and boundaries that no other skateboarder dares to challenge. Make a way to Way the Fearless!


The Helicopter Drop

As a pioneer of vert, humble creator of the mega ramp and an addict of heights and skydive bomb drops, Way has become an icon highly regarded and reverenced among the community all around the globe. The man without fear has conquered the air and has mastered the fall with almost unhuman accuracy. One of his biggest stunts was back in the mid 90’s where he jumped from a helicopter and down the slope of a mega ramp. He was hovering 15 ft above the top of the ramp and tried drop and rolldown in various takes; many of them he failed and had taken minor injuries at some point. When he did it everyone witnessing couldn’t believe it. The media recorded it for future generations of vert skateboarders as a once in a lifetime event.


The Great Wall Of China Jump

The helicopter bomb drop seemingly wasn’t enough for Way The Fearless. On 2005, Way tried to jump over The Great Wall of China, a stunt he achieved by using one of his mega ramps to launch him up to roughly 75.5 ft while accelerating at 22 m/s and landing in perfect conditions. The admiration and respect that Way has built since those days, nowadays in his mid-40’s, has earned him undefeated titles to this date for his maneuvers and the records he bravely set.






The adrenaline and thrive for bomb dropping may well be his greatest skill, more than the skills that allowed him to surmount his own obstacles. Some call him the real daredevil, and some may call him mental, but no matter what kind of words are used to describe him and his achievements; those are left hanging in the air without an anchor to bound them, Way on the other hand ascends as high as he falls, almost like the ultimate of equilibriums a man half earth and half heaven can aspire to be.



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