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Danny León: How a Skatepark Can Change Your Life

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It all began almost fifteen years ago, when Danny was only nine yeas old a new skate park was opened in his neighborhood in Mostoles, Madrid. We leave it up to you to consider if it was faith or pure luck but what we all can agree on is that from thar park one of the greatest skaters of Spain was born. In todays SHIT® matinee it’s time for us to know more about the guy who breathes skateboarding instead of oxygen.


A Kid from Mostoles That Was Better Than Older Skaters

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

During his childhood Danny went to school and practiced football after classes as most of the kids in Spain do. However, a construction site near to his home caught his attention and would change his life forever. At the beginning he thought that it was a swimming pool, but after the construction was finished, he realized that it was a structure to skate. Very quickly skaters from Móstoles became frequents to the skatepark and Danny was hooked to skate as he was astonished staring at those guys performing tricks and hanging out around the park. Yet something was missing, it was not enough for him to look, he wanted to be a part of the action and promptly he was performing tricks himself at the skatepark.


Realizing That Skate Could Make Him a Living

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Soon enough after he started to skate other people around him noticed that Danny had great potential, as he was performing terrific tricks being ahead of most of the skaters of his age and even others with much more experience. That’s how he at only fourteen years of age got his first sponsors and skate went from a hobby to a profession.

Since then he has been a frequent on the international skate scene, we have seen him in the main carpet of multiple events such as FISE, Far N High, Back To The Streets, Sosh Freestyle Cup, Mystic Sk8 Cup, O Marisquiño, NASS, Red Bull Roller Coaster among others and gathering a bunch of trophies, medals and podiums over the past years. He’s also well known for being the first person from Spain who ever succeeded on a McTwist.






Despite his successful career Danny is known as a humble person, he still hangs out with many of his childhood friend and love to skate in local events in Madrid. Beyond skateboarding, he also likes snowboarding, surfing and photography. At only 25 years he has still a lot to do as a pro skater and many challenges await him.


Tokyo 2020 as a Goal

Danny like many other skaters is waiting for the Olympics, hopefully we will get the chance to see him there. Regarding this matter he has shown himself excited about the possibility of getting a chance to participate. As many other skaters he has implied on several occasions that its good for the skate to be at the Olympics, but it’s even greater for the Olympics to include skate and other sports as the event will gain a great public who have been neglected for several years.



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