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Christian Hosoi: Skating To Hell and Back

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Born in October 1967, Christian Rocha Hosoi grew up in both Los Angeles and Hawaii; chill dude vibes are what he is characterized for and of course what got him into skateboarding in the first place. He first got on a skateboard by the age of 7 having Stacy Peralta and members of the Bones Brigade being his inspirations to become a professional skateboarder. One of the advantages he had is the fact that his father was the manager of a skatepark! By then Hosoi quit school and dedicated himself fully to skateboarding. After working as a sponsored AM for Powell Peralta and Dogtown Skateboards, he eventually became a pro at the age of 14 with Sims Skateboards.



Vert Skateboarding Sensation

Photo: Jan Kopřiva (Unsplash)

During the ’80s, he started skating alongside some of the biggest names in vert skateboarding, names like Steve Caballero and the “Gator” made their way onto Hosoi’s competitors' list. He stood out from them due to his ability to come up with new tricks! He invented what was called the “Christ Air” and “Rocket Air” Bringing even more attention to himself and proving he was able to beat the big names; which he did on multiple occasions.







To Hell and Back

His downfall came as it did to many other vert skaters as he started to become less popular due to the increase of the street skaters which started getting all of the media attention. The skate companies and the kids went crazy! For a while this new generation of kids grew to see vert skateboarding as a thing of the past and street as the future which made a big impact on Hosoi’s life. He went into bankruptcy after failing to create his own company and by 1995, his issues with the law had officially begun.

He started avoiding police and refused to even show up to skateboarding events where he was invited in an attempt to prevent getting caught as he had a warrant for his arrest issued. This because he failed to present himself in court and take responsibility for 2 minor offenses which led him to having to decline an invitation to the first-ever edition of the X Games. Crazy SHIT, right?

He had been dealing with drug abuse issues from a very young age, but it was not until January of 2000 when he got caught in Hawaii’s airport trying to smuggle drugs that he decided he needed to change his lifestyle.

He served 4 years in prison from the 10 he was sentenced to, which according to him was enough time to realize that the only thing that could change him was going to be his faith. He eventually resumed his skateboarding career and even got a documentary film called “The Rising Son” which came out 2 years after he was released from prison. He also wrote a book about his life and even created a skate-based church in which he spreads the word and tells his story to prevent kids to fall in the wrong path and choose skateboarding over the chaotic lifestyle he chose at some point in his life.

This guy is living proof that faith and skateboarding can help you overcome even the most difficult situations in life, here at SHIT we celebrate his recovery and his actions to become a better person and also make the world a better place through skateboarding!!






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